.TRAVEL Domain Policies

.TRAVEL is regulated by Donuts Inc.  Please see Eligibility Requirements as all registrants must qualify as members of the travel industry.

Registration details

Registration details can be found in the TLD reference chart.

Eligibility details

.TRAVEL registrations requirer registrant travel industry acknowledgment upon registration,  The following types of businesses/individuals may register a .TRAVEL domain:

1. Airlines
2. Attractions/Theme Parks
3. Bed & Breakfast Houses
4. Bus/Taxi/Limousine Operators
5. Camp Facility Operators
6. Vehicle Rental Companies/Airport Specialty Car Park Companies
7. Computer Reservation/Travel Technology Provider
8. Convention & Visitor's Bureaus
9. Cruise Lines
10.. Ferries
11. Hotels/Resorts/Casinos
12. National Tourism Offices
13.. Passenger Rail Lines
14. Restaurants
15. Tour Operators
16. Travel Agents
17. Travel Media
18. Travel-Consumer and Market Research Organizations
19. Travel Insurance
20. Travel Training Institutes
21. Suppliers of goods or services to the eligible industry participants set out in these defined sectors
22. Creators and providers of travel and tourism products, services and content

Registrants no longer need to obtain a UIN before registering a .TRAVEL domain, Registrants will need to complete the verification via travel industry acknowledgment after successful registration of the domain. 

A registrant must maintain eligibility throughout the term of the license, including renewal. If the registrant ceases to be a member of the travel industry as defined by current policies and practices of the Registry, then the registrant must give notice of such change within 14 days of ceasing to be eligible.


.TRAVEL domains can be renewed for further terms of a minimum one year, subject to the current terms and conditions - this must be done by enabling auto-renew, and cannot be done manually.  This TLD autorenews 45 days after expiry.

Registrants renewing a name may be required to provide, update or confirm all information required in an initial application, including eligibility information.

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