Change Log For January 2015

The following changes or updates were applied to OpenSRS Services in the month of January, 2015:

Domain Service: 

  • SRS: General Availability for .LGBT, 
  • SRS: Sunrise orders in the new control panel available for the following TLDs: .COACH, MEMORIAL, LEGAL, MONEY, .TIRES
  • SRS: .GLOBAL Claims period has been extended
  • SRS: Whois Privacy service has been disabled for .NYC
  • SSL: SAN Certificate Maximums have been increased for:
    • True Business ID and EV were increased from 24 to 100
    • SGC Super increased from 4 to 24
    • SSL WebServer and EV were increased from 4 to 24
  • Publishing: Minor GoMobi fixes

OpenSRS Email Service

  • Webmail: Various bug fixes


  • WHMCS: Various bug fixes

A quick note about this Change Log:

Other bug fixes, and updates to OpenSRS systems that aren't noticeable to resellers are promoted on a weekly basis. This may include updates to support changes made by registries, or other suppliers to their systems. We're always working to improve performance and stability of our systems. GA TLDs listed above will only be included if not previously announced in another phase (ie. Pre-reg or Sunrise). For complete release dates, please visit our domain pricing page.

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