Generating a text file for bulk changes

Instead of manually selecting all of the domains when you want to perform a bulk change, you can create and upload a plain text file that lists all of the domains.

Note: This feature is currently only available through the RWI. To access the RWI, click Classic Reseller Interface at the top of the Control Panel.


To generate a text file for bulk change requests

  1. In the Domain Management section of the RWI, click Bulk Domain Change Management.
  2. On the Bulk Domain Change Management page, click Bulk Domain Search.
  3. On the Bulk Changes Domain Search page, use the form to define your search criteria. If no search criteria are selected, all the domains you have under management are returned.
    Note: If you choose the Include Domain Status option in your search criteria, this request may take longer to complete as each domain’s status must be queried.
  4. In the Email Address field, enter the email address to which you want the text file to be sent.
  5. Click Results to File.
    The results are emailed to the address specified on the search page.
    Note: This search is performed on our asynchronous system, so any domains registered within the last 24 hours will not appear in the results.
    Once you have a text file listing the domains that you want to modify, you can upload that list when you create the bulk domain change request.
  6. On the Bulk Domain Change Management page in the RWI, choose the bulk job that you want to run.
  7. In the Item List section, click Upload a list of items, and then navigate to the text file you created that lists the domains.

For more information on submitting bulk jobs through the RWI, see the Reseller's Guide to Domain Name Registration and Management.

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