The default domain settings information in the reseller account will be used when registering new domains and will be applied to future registrations. When you initiate a new domain registration, the information you enter on this page is used to pre-fill the corresponding fields in the registration form. You can edit this information at the time of registration should you need to.

Default settings for new domains

  1. Click on the Settings tab in the Domains section of the Reseller Control Panel to access the Default settings for new domains. Use this section to specify the settings that you want to apply to new domain registrations.
  2. Click Edit to access and configure the default settings. Click the associated check boxes to enable or disable the setting.
  3. Click Save default settings to save your settings.

Registration settings

  • Queue all unprocessed orders: When this feature is enabled, the OpenSRS system automatically queues transactions if a supplier (Registry) is offline or having communications problems. Once the supplier is available, the queued registration requests are processed automatically.
  • Process immediately: This setting is used to process the registration requests immediately.

Domain settings

  • Auto-renew: When this feature is enabled, domains are automatically renewed before their expiration date.
  • Lock domain: When the lock domain feature is enabled, transfers and DNS modification cannot be made until the domains are unlocked.
  • Contact privacy: When this feature is enabled, the identity of the registrant will be hidden in the WHOIS database.

Technical contact info

Enter the default contact information for the person you want to be contacted for any technical issues.

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Default nameserver settings

Use the Default nameservers settings section to view and edit the nameserver settings that you want to apply to new domain registrations; you can later edit any of these settings for specific domains.
Click Edit to access and configure the default settings, and click Save to save your settings.nameservers.png

 In the Provider section, click a button to choose one of the following:

  • Use our nameservers: With this setting, all domains will be assigned the default OpenSRS nameservers. Our NS records are required if you want to take advantage of DNS/Zone features in our control panel. The default nameservers for OpenSRS are,, and
  • Park with ads: Domains will display a customized page containing sponsored advertisements that generate revenue whenever a visitor clicks on one of the links. 
  • Use your own nameservers: Allows you to specify your nameservers, a minimum of two nameservers is required. If you choose this option, DNS/zone information will not be active, which means that any existing forwarding and DNS options will be disabled.

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Manage DNS templates

Use the Manage DNS templates section to create templates with your most frequently used zone settings so that when you register a domain, you select a template, and the associated zone settings are automatically applied. Click Edit to access and configure the default settings, and click Save DNS settings to save your settings. dns-templates.png

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Manage end-user contact settings

Use the Manage end-user contact settings section to configure or edit the default technical information that is sent for all new registrations. Click Edit to access and configure the default settings, and click Save settings to save your settings. end-user-settings.png


Enable Registry Premium Domains 

You can enable registration and transfer of registry premium domains using this setting.

Enable Designated Agent for All Existing Domains

ICANN trade policy is suspended as part of the GDPR implementation. Information on the designated agent setting can be found in our guide to the ICANN trade policy.

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