Bulk transfer multiple domains to another reseller

You can use the bulk change tool to move or "push" multiple domains to another reseller account in one request.

Important: Before you can move domains to another reseller account, the gaining reseller has to add your reseller account username to their allow list by entering your username on the page. This feature is currently only available through the Classic Reseller Interface. To access this system, click Classic Reseller Interface by hovering over your email address at the top right of the Reseller Control Panel.

Before you begin

The gaining reseller must do the following:

  1. In the Classic Reseller Interface, click Transfer Management, and then click Push Domain Settings.
  2. In the text field, enter your name as a reseller who is authorized to push domains to them (the gaining Reseller), and then click Add Reseller.
    Your name is added to the Allowed Resellers list, and you can proceed to transfer domains to the gaining Reseller's account .

Transferring multiple domains

To transfer multiple domains to another Reseller

  1. In the Domains section of the Control Panel, click the boxes to put a checkmark next to each of the domains that you want to transfer to another reseller. If you would like to enter a list of domains rather than selecting individual domains, proceed to step 2 without selecting any domains. 
  2. From the Bulk Actions drop-down list, choose Move to Another Reseller.
  3. In the Gaining Reseller's Username field, enter the username of the reseller to whom you want to transfer the selected domains.
  4. In the Select user account options section, click the appropriate button to determine whether each of the selected domains will be set up in its own profile or added to an existing profile when they are transferred to the other Reseller.
  5. If you click Put accounts into an existing profile, the selected domains will be moved into an account that the gaining Reseller owns, and you need to complete the Domain, Username, and Password fields.
  6. Optionally, click Apply to locked domains.
    If you select this option, when you submit the bulk job, locked domains are unlocked, the changes are made, and then the domains are locked again. If you do not select this option, the changes are not applied to any domains that are locked, and the View Details page will display errors for those domains.
  7. Optionally, in the Email results to field, enter the email address to which you want the results to be mailed.
  8. Click Move Domain.

Important: There is no undo for this operation, so be very careful when selecting the domains to include in the bulk job. Once you submit the bulk job, it might be possible to cancel the job in the View Details page; however, any domains that have already been processed cannot be retrieved. For more information, see "Suspending, cancelling, or resuming a bulk change request".

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