Transfer a domain or change domain ownership

This guide distinguishes between transfers and changes of ownership, and outlines the processes for both. For a more detailed look into domain transfers, check out our in-depth Guide to Domain Transfers.

Transfers and Changes of Ownership are differentiated as follows:

  • A Transfer moves a domain name from one registration provider to another. The owner of the domain contacts the reseller, who initiates the transfer process on their behalf.
  • A Change of Ownership (also referred to as a Trade) transfers ownership of a domain name from one registrant to another.


Note: Domain names cannot be transferred if they are locked, within the first 60 days after they are created, or within 60 days of a previous transfer.

To transfer in a domain name

1. In the Domains section of the Control Panel, click the plus sign (+).

2. In the Add a Domain window, enter all or part of the domain name or the admin email of the domain you want to transfer, and then click Search.
You can use wildcard characters to represent part of the name.

3. Beside the domain name, click Transfer.

4. Complete the transfer form.
You can use the Associate with existing user link in the Registrant Info section to autopopulate the contact fields with information from an
existing domain registration, and to group together domains that are owned by the same person or company.

The Registrant Info section contains the username and password that will be used when the transfer completes. If the domain is being grouped into a profile, it is already filled out.

The Domain Settings section allows you to enable additional features:

  • Contact Privacy hides the identity of a Registrant when a user does a WHOIS lookup on that Registrant’s domain.
  • Lock Domain prohibits changes to a domain such as transfers and DNS modifications.
  • Auto-Renew causes the domain to be automatically renewed 30 days before the expiration date.

The Contact Information section contains the details that will be used when the transfer completes. It is critical that all contact information be valid. If the domain is being associated with an existing user, this information is already filled out.

The Nameservers section is only necessary if the nameservers are changing. If no nameservers are entered, the current nameservers are used.

The DNS section allows you to enable DNS using the default template or a custom template that contains zone information.

5. Once the Transfer Form is complete, click Submit Registration or Save as Draft.

When the transfer request is submitted, an email is sent to the domain's Admin Email Contact, and they have five days to approve or reject the request. When confirming the transfer, they may be required to enter their Transfer Authorization Code. The Transfer Authorization Code or 'Authcode' can be obtained from the current registrar for the domain.

Note: Not all domains have AuthCodes. If the domain you are transferring does not have an Authcode, the Authorization code field can be left blank.

If the Admin contact confirms the transfer, the request is sent to the root registry and a five day transfer pending period begins. If the transfer request is not rejected by the losing registrar within the five day period, the root registry automatically completes the transfer request.

When the transfer process is complete, the expiration date is extended one year from the original expiration date, and a charge is applied that is equal to the cost of a one year registration.

Changes of Ownership

To change the ownership of a domain, the current registrant can log in to the Manage Web Interface and enter the new owner's information in the Manage Profile section.

Many ccTLDs, such as .BE and .FR, allow you to change ownership through the Domains section of the Control Panel. When you view the domain in the Control Panel, click Edit in the Owner Information section, enter the new owner's information, and then click Save.

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