.PRO domain policies

The .PRO domain is reserved for licensed business and service professionals.

Registration details

Registration details can be found in the TLD reference chart.

Residency requirements

There are no residency requirements for .PRO domain names; however, to register a .PRO domain name, registrants must meet the following qualifications:

  • Provide professional services.
  • Admitted to or licensed by a government certification body or jurisdictional licensing entity recognized by a governmental body that regularly verifies the accuracy of its data.
  • In good standing with the licensing authority.

The .PRO name registration form contains some additional fields that indicate the registrant's eligibility to own a .PRO name:

  • Profession Name— The stated profession of the registrant. This field is mandatory.
  • Authority Name— The name of the authority from which the registrant receives their professional credentials. This field is optional.
  • Authority Website— The URL to an online resource for the authority, preferably, a member search directory. This field is optional.
  • License Number— The license number of the registrant's credentials, if applicable. This field is optional.

Note: The PRO registry does not support extensions in phone and fax numbers. If you include an extension in the number, for example, +1.4165550123x1234, the string will be accepted, but the registry drops the extension part of the number and the resulting number becomes +1.4165550123.

.PRO name verification

Each month, the .PRO registry randomly selects domain names to check for compliance with the registration eligibility requirements. Although Authority Name, Authority Website and License Number are all optional fields for registration, the registry may request this information if the name is selected for verification.

If the .PRO domain fails verification, the registry changes the status of the domain to ServerUpdateProhibited, and OpenSRS notifies the Reseller. The Reseller must contact the Registrant to collect valid, updated Professional Information and forward this to OpenSRS. The domain remains active for 14 days to allow the Registrant to submit updated or corrected data. If successful verification does not occur within 14 days, the domain stops resolving until successful verification is complete.

Once the registry has verified the new Professional Information, they remove the ServerUpdateProhibited status, allowing the Registrant to update their domain information as necessary.


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