.DE domain policies

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.DE is the country code TLD for Germany and is regulated by the DENIC Registry.

Registration details

Registration details can be found in the TLD reference chart.

Residency requirements

Local presence is no longer required to register a .DE domain as of May 2018. .DE domains can be registered from any owner country.

If the registrant is not located in Germany, they must be able to provide an authorized contact, located in Germany, who can receive official or court documents on their behalf. This must be provided to the registry within two weeks upon request.

Name server & DNS Requirements

In order to activate a .DE domain, you must provide at least two functional name servers; however, you may provide up to five name servers per domain. Additionally, the two required name servers must be active on two different subnets and must be authoritative for the domain name at the time of registration. If the name is registered and the name servers are not active, the Registrant has thirty (30) days in which to activate and park the name on them. If the name servers are not activated at the end of the 30-day period, DENIC deletes the name without refund. The name servers associated with the domain name can be modified during the 30-day period, subject to DENIC verification. If the name servers do not meet DENIC criteria, the change request is ignored. If the name servers are not active, the name servers must be resubmitted once they have been activated; until they are accepted by DENIC, the Status will show as Failed.

If you receive an error while adding SystemDNS name servers, please see below:
After Registration, select: "Use Your Own Nameservers" => Add the NS manually:
Save. (You may require to add a simple A record to create the zone file prior to this step)


All .DE domains are set to auto-renew. 

Redemption Grace Period is 30 days after deletion. Within this period, the domain concerned can only be re-registered on behalf of the last domain holder or in the name of a third party defined by the domain holder. 

Deletion and Transit

All .DE domains are set to auto-renew unless the registrant requests they do not wish to auto-renew the domain and provides us with signed form (available here) explicitly stating they do not want to renew the domain. To delete the name or allow it to expire, complete and submit the deletion form at least 5 days prior to the expiry date. Once the form is received, OpenSRS support can process a Deletion order.  On a deletion order, the auto-renew option will be turned off as per resellers request and the domain will expire on its natural expiry date. 

Please note, The form must be submitted to us by the reseller, not the registrant of the domain. 

In the event that the registrant/reseller changes their mind about the deletion order, Please contact OpenSRS support at help@opensrs.com.

Transit is a service of DENIC that ensures the domain holder will not lose the domain if it is no longer administered by a provider. The domain will not be deleted immediately and is not available for registration to anybody else while the Transit procedure is running.  If the reseller cannot reach the registrant, or if the registrant refuses to pay, refuses to sign the form, or claims not to have heard of the reseller, a Transit Order can be processed.

To place a .DE domain on a Transit order reseller will have to contact OpenSRS support. They can simply state "I can not reach the registrant, please give the domain back to the registry".  Once openSRS support processes the transit order the registry will no longer point the domain at OpenSRS.  The registry will take over contacting the end user.

 If the registrant changes their mind about the transit order, they will have to contact the registry directly.  


If a DE domain is transferred in but the nameservers are not properly configured, the transfer order will be successful but the domain will not point to the NS listed on the transfer order. Once the nameservers are properly configured, you can send a nameserver update order on the domain to correct this issue. 

Unlike standard gTLD domains which have 60 day post-registration transfer-hold restriction for Registrar to Registrar transfers, .DE transfers in and out are not restricted to any type of hold period. This means that a transfer can be performed at any time after a domain is registered.

Authcodes are required for all .DE transfers and can be obtained from the current registrar for the domain. The Authcode expires after 30 days. If you try to use an Authcode after it has expired, you will see a message saying that the Authcode is undefined. You can generate a new one via the MWI or the Control Panel.

Please note: the transfer authorization email will be sent to the admin contact specified in the transfer order, rather than the admin contact for the domain.

For more information on transfers, see "Transferring domains and changing domain ownership"

Changes of ownership

Changing ownership of a .DE domain follows the process outlined in Transferring domains and changing domain ownership.

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