.CC is the country code TLD for the Cocos Islands. The Cocos Islands have made their name space available to any interested registrants, regardless of residency, administered by eNIC.

Registration details

Registration details can be found in the TLD reference chart.


We hold a .CC domain for 40 days after the expiry date. On the 40th day it is deleted from our system and enters into the Redemption Grace Period with the registry.

The Redemption Grace Period lasts for 30 days after which the registry takes another 1 to 7 days to delete the domain and make it available to the general public.


The following restrictions apply to transfers:

  • A domain name cannot be transferred within the first 60 days after it is created or within 60 days of a previous transfer.
  • If the domain is transferred to another registrar during the 45 day auto-renew grace period, the losing registrar is refunded for the auto-renewal and the year is removed from the domain name term. The gaining registrar is charged for the transfer and the expiration date is extended one year from the original expiration date.

To transfer a .CC domain name to OpenSRS

  1. In the Order Management section, enter the domain name in the Transfer a domain field, and then click Transfer . 
The Transfers for <domainname>.cc page appears.
  2. Complete the Transfer Form.
  3. Once the Transfer Form is complete, click Submit.

When the transfer request is submitted, an email is sent to the Admin Email Contact, and they have five days to approve or reject the request. When approving the transfer, they are required to enter their Transfer Authorization Code. The Transfer Authorization Code or 'Authcode' can be obtained from the current registrar for the domain.

If the transfer request is not approved or rejected by the losing registrar within the five day period, the registry automatically approves the transfer request.

When the transfer process is complete, the expiration date is extended one year from the original expiration date, and a charge is applied that is equal to the cost of a one year registration.

Changes of ownership

The change of ownership process for .CC domains is the same as for gTLDs.

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