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.DK is the TLD for Denmark, and is regulated by the Registry.

Important: Registrants of DK names can obtain a User ID and password from DK-Hostmaster and manage their names directly at the registry; however, they should be strongly discouraged from doing so. Any actions or modifications that registrants want to perform on their names should be done through their Reseller (and in turn, through OpenSRS). DK-Hostmaster and Tucows maintain separate databases, and any changes made at DK-Hostmaster by the registrant can result in serious discrepancies.

In particular, the registrant should never change the billing contact of their name; this should always be done through Tucows. Changing the billing contact effectively transfers the name away from Tucows’ management. If this happens unintentionally, the only way to rectify it is to transfer it back.

Make sure to submit 100% accurate registrant contact details when registering or updating a .DK domain name. The registry will send out a welcome letter by postal mail to each .DK registrant. In case this letter doesn’t reach its recipient and is returned to the registry because of incorrect address details, the domain name is put on hold and may eventually be deleted by the registry.

Registration details

Registration details can be found in the TLD reference chart.

Residency requirements

.DK is an open registry; you do not have to be a resident or business operator to register a .DK domain. Organizations are required to enter their VAT ID when registering a .DK domain.

Name server & DNS Requirements

Servers must be registered with the registry before they can be used. Glue records and name servers are managed at the registry as well.



By default, all .DK domains are set to Auto-Renew, and the domain automatically renews 34 days prior to the expiration date.


Registrar transfers require the current registrant’s DK-Hostmaster User ID and password to be provided.  This process requires the reseller to obtain this ID and password from the registrant to submit to OpenSRS otherwise the transfer will be cancelled.

  1. Registrant requests transfer
  2. OpenSRS requests confirmation from registrant
  3. If the registrant confirms, OpenSRS requests current .DK registrant's ID and password from reseller; if not, transfer is cancelled
  4. At this point a trade can be made if registrant wishes (and new owner validated), otherwise transfer will be completed

Changes of ownership

Note: Until further notice, we are no longer accepting Change of Ownership for .DK domains. Any ownership change will fail with an error. The .DK registry implemented a new ownership change policy and we are still working to incorporate the new process. Please check back on this page for future updates.

OpenSRS will require the current Registrant’s User ID and PIN code in order to process a .DK transfer or change of registrant. DK Hostmaster provides the Registrant with UserID and PIN code upon activation of a .DK domain.

User ID and PIN code will be requested from the reseller after a transfer or registrant change order has been submitted to OpenSRS, and after the registrant has accepted the .DK terms and conditions via the acceptance process outlined above.

Despite a cost being associated to actioning a .dk ownership change, the domain will NOT be renewed as a consequence.

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