Change Log for November 2014

The following changes or updates were applied to OpenSRS Services in the month of November, 2014:

Domain Service: 

  • SRS: Sunrise orders in the new control panel available for the following TLDs: .CASA, .YOGA, .WORK, .HOW, .WORLD, .SPACE,
  • SRS: Launched Sub Users with permissions for new control panel and RWI
  • SRS: .TRAVEL - Changes to auto renew lifecycle (no explicit renewals allowed)
  • SRS: Introduced new Bulk Transfer feature and process in the new control panel (+++)
  • ccTLDs: Resellers can pre-validated .UK registrant data upon registration via API or new control panel
  • Publishing: Resellers can now reactivate subscriptions that were previously set to 'Let Expire'
  • Publishing: The GoMobi expired grace period is now set to 25 days
  • Publishing: Clearer messaging has been added to the new control panel when attempting to delete a GoMobi service to explain that this request is irreversible

OpenSRS Email Service

  • Webmail:
    • Various bug fixes


  • WHMCS: Domains Pro 2.0.4 - Fixes DE Fax requirement on billing contact
  • WHMCS: Various bug fixes

A quick note about this Change Log:

Other bug fixes, and updates to OpenSRS systems that aren't noticeable to resellers are promoted on a weekly basis. This may include updates to support changes made by registries, or other suppliers to their systems. We're always working to improve performance and stability of our systems.

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