Bulk transfer multiple domains to your reseller account

Please Note: Bulk transfers no longer function after May 25, 2018 due to GDPR implementations

Your OpenSRS Control Panel now has a bulk transfer feature which gives you the ability to easily transfer one or more domains into your account.

The only pieces of information you need to use the feature are:

  • domain name
  • auth code

The maximum number of domains to be submitted for a bulk transfer is set to 10000 by default.

All gTLDs support bulk transfer.  ccTLDs do not support bulk transfer.

How to Initiate a Bulk Transfer

1. In your OpenSRS Control Panel go to Domains and click the Add Multiple Transfer Orders button at the top left. This will take you to the bulk transfer page.

How to Initiate a Bulk Transfer


2. Select Transfer existing domains as your Order Type. Then click Next.


3. In the Bulk Details section of the bulk transfer page, click Import Domain List and upload a csv file of your domains for transfer. Your csv file should have two columns:  one for domains and one for auth codes. Both columns need to be separated by a comma, a semicolon will not work.

If your browser doesn't display the Import Domain List button, simply enter your domain names and auth codes in the text field, separated by a comma. Enter one domain per line.

You can edit the Bulk Job Name if you like or use the default name.


4. When you've entered all of your domains, click Validate to check if these domains are allowed for your reseller account and if they all have auth codes entered.


5. Click the +-icon if you want to add more domains while in this table view, Back to see the text entry field again, and Validate if you want to verify your domains again. To remove a domain click the red line to the left of the entry.


6. Select the source for registrant account information. If you select Auto create the system will create a new registrant account for every domain that is transferred, applying a random username and password. If you select Associate you'll be able to select an existing registrant account, and all domains will be linked to this existing account after the transfer.


7. Choose whether you want to use our OpenSRS nameservers, keep existing nameservers or use your own nameservers. Use our nameservers if you want to use DNS/Zone features. When you select keep existing nameservers, we will copy the the existing nameservers for each domain. If you use your own nameservers, any existing forwarding and DNS options will be disabled.


8. Select your DNS Template if you decided to use our OpenSRS nameservers. Choose from templates stored in your domain Settings.

9. Click Submit to initiate your bulk transfer.

Checking the Status of a Bulk Transfer

1. Hover over the gear wheel on the top right of your OpenSRS Control Panel and click Bulk Actions.

Checking the Status of a Bulk Transfer


2. From the list of bulk actions, select the bulk transfer you want to check on and click on the Description line.

You can also send confirmation emails again by clicking Resend.


3. Check the Reason field in the transfer detail to see why a transfer has failed or what stage of the transfer process it's currently in.

Failed Transfer


Transfer in Progress


4. For transfers still in progress, click Refresh to see details updated.

The Bulk Transfer Process

The bulk transfer process has been designed to streamline the transfer of domain portfolios within the requirements set by ICANN policies. The bulk transfer process will only work for domains that are currently registered with registrars operating on the 2013 RRA, as it relies on the standardized Whois format required by this RRA. 

After you have submitted a bulk transfer, our system will:

  1. Check if the auth code is correct.
  2. Look up the Whois info and pre-populate contact data from existing Whois.
  3. Send the approval email to the admin.
  4. Perform Registrant Verification.
  5. Initiate the transfer(s) using the auth code.

Once the internal analysis of submitted domains completes without error:

  1. A transfer order is processed, and it remains in the PROCESSED status until the registrant accepts or rejects the transfer. Unlike regular transfers, this step will not involve an email being sent to the registrant asking for an auth code.
  2. A single email is sent to each registrant/owner contact (not the admin contact) asking for approval for all of their domains in a single step. This approval will include the registrant verification process.
  3. The transfer will timeout after seven (7) days without a response, the transfer will *not* be initiated at the registry, and the transfer status becomes COMPLETED.
  4. If the registrant does not approve the transfer, all transfer orders related to this registrant will be canceled out, and the registrant status is set to COMPLETED.
  5. If the registrant approves the transfer, all transfer orders related to this registrant are set to PENDING_REGISTRY, and await finalization from the normal transfer process. Once all of the domains are dealt with, the transfer status becomes COMPLETED.

After the successful completion of the transfer, the domain will have the exact same contacts details for all contacts as prior to the transfer.

If you have made changes to the registrant information prior to the transfer in order to have confirmation emails sent to a single email address, you will need to update the email address once the  transfer is completed. This will trigger the registrant verification process again. However, you have complete control over when this process starts. By using the bulk transfer feature along with a change of registrant email prior to the start of the transfer, you can disconnect the actual transfer from the registrant verification interaction with the end user.

You will receive one email per bulk transfer job, after it is "complete." The email will have a csv file attached listing the domains included in the job and their statuses.


When an entire bulk transfer will fail

After the bulk transfer is submitted, it will immediately fail out and not allow submission if any of the following problems are present:

  • The number of domains submitted exceeds the job maximum set for your reseller account (default is set to 10,000 per bulk transfer).
  • Items in the namserver list do not pass our host name validation.
  • The TLD for one of the domains is not valid, is not supported by the bulk transfer process, does not support auth_info, does not support the auth_info_check command, or is missing auth code information.


When individual transfers will fail

Once the bulk transfer is in progress, each domain is analyzed. From this point on, the bulk job as a whole will proceed, and any failures will be on a domain-by-domain basis. Reasons for failure at this point include:

  • The transferability check fails (within 60 day period, locked, etc.).
  • The registry sends out their own confirmation emails (as this would cause the registrant to get many confirmation emails from the registry).
  • The supplied auth code for the domain is incorrect.
  • Whois data could not be retrieved because the Whois server did not respond, or the data is not returned in the expected standardized format.
  • The contact data found in the Whois data does not pass our syntax validation check.
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  • Avatar
    Giovanni Losi

    Really interesting. Is there a way to use this feature via API? It will be useful to automate the process on our side.

  • Avatar
    Robert Strzelecki

    +1 for the API. We'd like to have this functionality, or would the current bulk transfer stuff in the API docs work, even though it only mentions the few main gTLDs?

  • Avatar
    Li Cheng

    This feature is available via the API with the action of SIMPLE_TRANSFER. Pleas see the link below.

    There are a lot more TLDs available for this method of transfer now. For a list of TLDs, please see the same link:


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