Email Configuration Guides for End Users (Apple Mail, Android, iOS, Thunderbird, Outlook, Windows 10 Mail)

The attached unbranded guides can be provided to your customers and end users. There are PDF versions that you can provide to your clients and .DOC versions that you can edit as needed. 

These guides describe client-specific walk-throughs. It is intended to help the novice end-user set up their email if they choose to use a client instead of, or in conjunction with the Webmail interface.

OpenSRS Email Service works great with Windows and Apple OSX operating systems, as well as IOS and Android-based mobile devices. The attached generic end-user documentation can help guide your customers through the process of setting up email on their desktop, smartphone or mobile device.

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    Peter Ling

    Too confusing. First of all, the fonts are too hard to read.

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    Max Rok

    For Windows 10 Mail, it says to use ""or "". This didn't work for me. I had to remove the "http://" to get it to work. When I changed this in the settings under "Advanced mailbox settings", Windows 10 Mail gave an error message to "fix account". I figured out this means to re-enter the password for the account. Then the new setting change took effect.

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