Which email cluster am I on?

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OpenSRS's email service is provided through two clusters, Cluster A and Cluster B.  The cluster is randomly assigned and can not be changed.  Both clusters have the exact same features and functionalities.  All email accounts created by the reseller will be under the same cluster.

To find out which cluster you are on:

1. Sign into the Reseller Control Panel

2. Click on the Email tab

3. Click on the Settings tab

4. The email cluster is displayed under Cluster Name

If you are setting up your first email service, see Step by step guide to setting up an email service for the quickest way to the service up and running.

Below are different settings depending on the cluster. Cluster B has an extra ".b" in the setting. Please replace yourdomain.com with the domain that you are setting up the email service for.  Please also note that the server name is spelled as hostedemail, not hostedmail.

Cluster A

MX Record: mx.yourdomain.com.cust.hostedemail.com

CNAME: mail.yourdomain.com.cust.hostedemail.com

Mail server: mail.hostedemail.com (or mail.emailhome.com)

Webmail sign in: https://mail.hostedemail.com (or https://mail.emailhome.com)

Cluster B

MX Record: mx.yourdomain.com.cust.b.hostedemail.com

CNAME: mail.yourdomain.com.cust.b.hostedemail.com

Mail server: mail.b.hostedemail.com (or mail.mailconfig.net)

Webmail sign in: https://mail.b.hostedemail.com (or https://mail.mailconfig.net)

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