Changes to .DK domains as of March 1st, 2015

DK Hostmaster, the registry managing the .DK namespace, has announced policy changes that affect the management of .DK domains.


The new policies will result in the following changes for .DK domains in OpenSRS, effective March 1st 2015:  

  • Registrants will need to explicitly accept .DK terms and conditions before domains are submitted for registration, transfer, or change of registrant. Acceptance is collected via an email sent to the registrant including a link to an acceptance page, requiring an affirmative response on that page.  
  • The registry will validate registrant whois details and, if validation is not successful, delete .dk domain names after 30 days.
  • Registrants will now need to activate a .DK domain with the registry after validation has been completed. This step can no longer be performed by OpenSRS. Without activation, the domain will stay suspended and will not resolve in the DNS.
  • OpenSRS will no longer be able to process contact or nameserver updates for .DK domains on behalf of the registrant, unless the registrant provides us with their .DK User ID and PIN number.

Registration order process

1. Reseller submits .DK registration to OpenSRS

2. Registrant receives an email that includes the terms and conditions and a link to a confirmation page (please see below for details).

3. Registrant needs to follow the link and accept the terms and conditions on that page. If this is not done within 10 days, the order will be cancelled.

4. OpenSRS will register the .DK domain at the registry and charge the reseller account. The order will be marked as “Completed”, however the domain will not be active yet. After this step, OpenSRS will not receive any refund from DK Hostmaster, nor will OpenSRS be able to issue any refund in case any of the following steps is not completed successfully.

5. Upon receiving the registration, DK Hostmaster will perform a validation of Registrant name, address, and phone number. If the internal validation at DK Hostmaster does not succeed, DK Hostmaster will contact the Registrant via email to request further information in order to complete the validation process. If the email bounces, DK Hostmaster will send a postal letter to the Registrant. If no response is received after 30 days, the domain will then be deleted without refund. The name will be available for re-registration immediately.

6. After successful completion of the validation process, the domain needs to be activated. To do so, .DK registry sends an email from to the Registrant asking them to activate the domain. The email subject will be “Confirm the registration of the domain name”. It will contain instructions how to activate the domain. It will also include a PDF with a User ID and password, which the registrant will need to store for any later updates to the domain.

7. The domain will not resolve until activation is completed. The activation process needs to be completed by the time the domain comes up for renewal, otherwise the domain will expire and be deleted without refund.


Acceptance of .DK terms and conditions

OpenSRS manages .DK domains through EPAG Domainservices GmbH, which is a 100% owned subsidiary based in Germany. The process to accept .DK terms and conditions (Step 2 in the above registration process) will be performed directly between EPAG and the Registrant, similar to the way it is handled for .NO domains.

Immediately after receiving a .DK registration, transfer, or change of registrant order, EPAG will send an automated email to the Registrant email address. The email will originate from It will include a link to a confirmation page operated by EPAG. It will be a white label page with as little reference to EPAG as possible. The Registrant will need to follow the link to the page and accept the terms and conditions presented to them on the page.

The order will only be processed once this step has been completed.

Validation process

The new Registrant validation process for .DK will be performed between DK Hostmaster and the Registrant. OpenSRS is not part of this process, will not be able to assist with validation, and will receive no information about the validation status.

DK Hostmaster will try to validate name, address and phone number against their own databases. In case DK Hostmaster is unable to complete the validation for a Foreign Registrant, they will contact the Registrant via email and, if unsuccessful, postal mail. In case the Registrant is located in Denmark, DK Hostmaster will contact the Registrant in any case and require them to complete the validation process through NemID, which is a verification portal run by the Danish government (

If the Registrant does not respond to the email or letter within 30 days of sending, or otherwise fails to complete the validation process successfully within the 30 day period, the domain will be deleted afterwards without refund. The name will be available for re-registration by third parties immediately.

Requirements for.DK transfers and changes of registrant

OpenSRS will require the current Registrant’s User ID and PIN code in order to process a .DK transfer or change of registrant. DK Hostmaster provides the Registrant with UserID and PIN code upon activation of a .DK domain.

User ID and PIN code will be requested from the reseller after a transfer or registrant change order has been submitted to OpenSRS, and after the registrant has accepted the .DK terms and conditions via the acceptance process outlined above.

Restricted availability of .DK updates

The standard procedure for changes of any contact data item or nameservers of a .DK domain is a Registrant self-service model, where the Registrant logs into their account at DK Hostmaster using User ID and PIN code, and requesting the desired updates directly from DK Hostmaster. This is the preferred and recommended method to process those updates.

OpenSRS would only be able to update a contact or nameserver following the exact same process, which requires OpenSRS to have access to the Registrant’s User ID and PIN code. Only the Registrant can obtain User ID and PIN code, so the reseller will need to provide those to OpenSRS along with the update for us being able to take action. OpenSRS will process contact or nameserver updates only by exception.

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