Purchase and work with Registry Lock

Registry Lock is a service available to resellers to offer to their registrants as an added layer of security for domains against attacks such as DNS modifications, WHOIS updates, or unauthorized transfers by adding additional authentication and validation steps to any modification to a domain.

Purchasing Registry Lock

To sign up, send a request to help@opensrs.com with your intention to purchase the service and the domain name(s) you wish to lock. Please ensure the WHOIS information is up to date as we will use this to validate the registrant’s contact information. Our team will contact you to fill out an authentication agreement with contact information (one primary and one secondary contact) for validating future changes to domain information.

Currently, Registry Lock is available for TLDs:




More TLDs will be added soon.


Registry Lock is available as an annual subscription at a cost of 300 USD, plus a 50 USD set-up fee, per domain. Each annual subscription includes 5 registry changes (such as DNS or contact changes). Each change above 5 is 75 USD.  The service is auto-renewed, and billed annually. If the registrant wishes to cancel that must be done 30 days prior to the renewal date. While Registry Lock is in place, the domain registration will also auto-renew.

Modifying a domain while Registry Lock is enabled

During business hours (9am-4pm eastern time weekdays)

  1. The registrant or personnel listed on the Authorization Agreement can email registrylock@tucows.com requesting a change to the domain name (updating WHOIS information, DNS servers, etc.).
  2. Compliance will contact personnel named on the Authorization Agreement via phone to confirm by asking them for the passphrase which was created at signup.
  3. Compliance will notify the registrant or authorized personnel that they can make a change to their name.
  4. Registrant or authorized personnel contacts compliance when the change is complete.
  5. Compliance contacts registry to re-lock domain.

Please note that if you fully unlock a domain (cancel the service) and wish to add Registry Lock again later, the full setup fee (50 USD) and subscription fee (300 USD) will be charged at that time.

Outside business hours

At this time, changes to domains with Registry Lock will not take place outside business hours.  

Cancelling Registry Lock service (9am-4pm eastern time weekdays)

If a reseller requests to cancel Registry Lock service for a domain, please contact help@opensrs.com. Our compliance team will contact the registrant/primary contact (only the primary contact can authorize cancellation) from the Authorization Agreement to confirm.  The support team will notify the reseller and registrant when service is cancelled.

Terms of service

The Master Service Agreement has been updated with terms of service related to Registry Lock (see item 15).

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