.NGO|.ONG Registration Policies

.NGO|.ONG is a TLD specifically created to serve the needs of non-governmental organizations.

The validation of eligibility for registrants will occur post-registration.

Registration Details

Registration details can be found in the TLD reference chart.

.NGO|.ONG domain names will be sold as a bundle and cannot be purchased separately. OpenSRS will only make the .NGO gTLD available for registration, however each registration will include the equivalent .ONG domain name as well. Both domains in the .NGO|.ONG bundle will be registered (and/or renewed) for the same term.

Only the .NGO name will exist in OpenSRS for management; the .ONG name will not show up and will not be searchable. The .ONG name will only exist at the registry.

.NGO|.ONG domain names must adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Minimum length for the second level domain name is three characters.
  • Maximum name length (excluding "http://www" and ".NGO") is 63 characters.
  • Hyphens cannot be used for the first or last character of the second level domain name. Also, hyphens (-) cannot be used as both the third and fourth character.
  • Spaces and special characters (for example, !, $, &) are not permitted.

An .NGO|.ONG domain name may be any one of the following:

  • The name of (entire or portion of) the NGO (i.e. the name it uses to do business).
  • An acronym representing the NGO.
  • A name that recognizes or generally describes the NGO.
  • A name related to the mission or activities of the NGO. 

Reseller Requirements

In order to sell the new .NGO/.ONG gTLD, you must:

  • Include the specific provisions in Exhibit A in your terms of service agreement made available at the time of purchase.
  • Notify the registrant upon a successful registration that they will receive an email from OnGood.ong, on behalf of Tucows, which will include a URL that the registrant must visit in order to complete registration and activate the domain name.


Validation of Domain Registrants

Newly registered .NGO|.ONG domains are placed on ServerHold upon a successful registration. To remove ServerHold, registrants must visit the OnGood.ong portal URL that will be emailed to them upon registration, to complete the sign-up process. Registrants will log into or sign up for an OnGood account which requires them to certify that they meet the criteria set to be an NGO or ONG. Once the registrant is validated, the DNS will resolve.

The initial validation email will be sent approximately one (1) day after registration is completed. OpenSRS will make the validation URL available via the API and the new control panel for resellers who want to provide this information to their registrants immediately.

Reminder emails will be sent beginning on day seven (7) after a successful registration and will continue periodically throughout the year, until the validation process is completed.

Any changes made to the organization field for the owner contact will re-initiate the validation process for that particular .NGO|.ONG domain name and a new email with the OnGood.ong portal URL will be sent to the registrant.

If the domain bundle fails validation, it will be marked for deletion, and deleted on day 360 by the registry. OpenSRS will not delete the domain bundle prior to that point.


Additional Registration Policies

A registrant cannot have differing information for the their .NGO and .ONG domain names. The only exception to this is DS records (DNSSEC), which are unique for each domain name. If you need to make an update to the DS records for one of these domains, contact our support department at help@opensrs.com.

All changes (e.g. DNS, Contact, etc) made to the .NGO domain, will be replicated on the .ONG domain name.

Refunds will not be provided for registrations that fail to qualify as an .NGO or for registrants who do not complete the validation process. These names will simply expire after one (1) year.

The registrant is required to maintain the information and documentation they have submitted for validation.  The registry will conduct random audits to ensure compliance with which the registrant must comply.  If a registrant fails to meet the requirements during an audit, the domain bundle will be deleted and released into the pool of available domains.  The registrant forfeits any fees that have been paid.

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