Manage your sub-reseller control panel (OpenSRS Control Panel)

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You can use the OpenSRS Control Panel to easily manage the components of your sub-reseller control panel.

To begin, click the menu icon on the top right of the control panel and select Account Settings; then click the Sub-Reseller tab.

Control Panel Links

In the Control Panel Links section, you can set the URLs for the RWI and the control panel for your sub-resellers.

  1. Click Edit to begin.

Select from the following options for your control panel URL:

  1. Default URL
  2. Branded OpenSRS Subdomain
  3. Subdomain based on the generic domain name

Note: The default URLs are for the RWI and for the control panel.

If you want to set up a custom URL, it costs $199. This is a manual process that cannot be done through the control panel. To do this, contact

The $199 includes a 3 year Thawte SSL 123 cert. After three years, if you would still would like to continue, the cert can be renewed at the price listed at that time on our reseller page, which is currently at $55 per year:
There will not be other fees associated with the custom sub-reseller login. Please keep in mind that the pricing policy might change in the future.

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Control Panel Dashboard Content

In the Control Panel Dashboard Content section, you can set the content of the dashboard that your sub-resellers will see upon login.

If none of the elements are enabled they will show up as "Hide" on the Sub-Reseller page.

As you make changes, they are displayed in the Preview.

  1. Click Edit to begin.
  2. Enable Welcome Text.If enabled, you must enter text in the provided field.
    •    Note: Text in this field cannot be formatted and line breaks cannot be added.
  3. Enable the Quick Search box.
  4. Enable the News & Updates feed. If enabled, you must enter values in the Newsfeed URL and Newsfeed Title fields.
  5. Enable Account Balance.
  6. Enable the Upcoming Maintenance feed. If enabled, you must enter a value in the Upcoming Maintenance URL field.
  7. Click Submit to save your customizations.


When you've enabled the various fields, it will be displayed on the Sub-Reseller page.

Control Panel Header Customization

In the Control Panel Header Customization section, you can set colours and text on the header of your sub-reseller control panel dashboard.

The default colours will be OpenSRS branded colours.

As you make customizations they are reflected in the Preview pane.

  1. Click Edit to begin.
  2. Enter the Company Title that you want to appear on the header. If you don't want a company name in the header, simply enter a space in that that text field.
  3. Enter the Tag Line or description of your dashboard (e.g. dashboard, portal, control panel). If you don't want a tag line in the header, simply enter a space in that that text field.
  4. Edit any header colour by clicking the colour square next to the field that you want to edit and selecting a colour using any of the following methods:
    • The picker
    • Entering RGB values
    • Entering HSB values
    • Entering a hexadecimal value
  5. Click Select to set the chosen colour.
  6. Click Submit to save changes. To return to OpenSRS brand colours, click Default Colours.


When you've enabled the various fields, it will be displayed on the main Branding tab page.

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