Changes to the Sitelock range of products

Changes to current products

SiteLock Basic will now be referred to as SiteLock Find (pricing, features and management remain the same).

SiteLock Premium will now be referred to as SiteLock Fix (pricing, features and management remain the same).

SiteLock Enterprise is being discontinued but current active instances will remain active until they expire. Renewals will not be supported, so we recommend that Enterprise users move to SiteLock Fix or the new SiteLock Prevent (see below).

Introducing two new products

Sitelock Prevent: includes everything Find and Fix provide along with the Sitelock TrueShield Web App Firewall which protects websites from malicious traffic and blocks harmful requests and advanced vulnerability scans.

SiteLock 911: the automated one-time malware clean-up service that works immediately by placing a site at the front of Sitelock's scanning queue.  This is purchased in the same manner as any trust product.

Information for API users

API calls for the new names and products have been created.  However, all APIs will be backwards compatible meaning that calls will work whether you use the new naming schema or the old one.  We recommend that resellers update the API calls for future compatibility.

sitelock_basic() is now sitelock_find()

sitelock_premium() is now sitelock_fix()

NEW: sitelock_prevent()

NEW: sitelock_911()

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