Externally managed TLDs

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.ac .ae .aero .af .ag
.airport .am .as .at .berlin
.biz.ki .biz.pl .cd .ch .cl
.cm .co.ag .co.at .co.cm .co.gg
.cn .sh.cn .com.cn .net.cn .org.cn
.co.gl .co.gy .co.hu .co.il .co.im
.co.je .co.kr .co.lc .co.ma  
.co.ve .co.za .cologne .com.af .com.ag
.com.ai .com.ar .com.cm .com.ec .com.gl
.com.gr .com.gy .com.hn .com.hr .com.ht
.com.im .com.ki .com.lc .com.lv .com.ly
.com.mx .com.my .com.pe .com.ph .com.pl
.com.pr .com.pt .com.ro .com.pt .com.ro
.com.ru .com.sb .com.sc .com.tw .com.ua
.com.uy .com.ve .coop .cx .cz
.de .dk .ec .edu.gr .edu.pl
.fi .fin.ec .fm .fr .gd
.gg .gl .gr .gs .gy
.hamburg .hk .hm .hn .ht
.hu .idv.tw .im .info.ec .info.ht
.info.ki .info.pl .io .is .je
.jobs .jp .kg .koeln .kr
.l.lc .la .lc .li .lt
.lu .lv .ly .ma .md
.med.ec .mn .mobi.ki .ms .mu
.mx .my .name .net.af .net.ag
.net.ai .net.cm .net.ec .net.gg .net.gl
.net.gr .net.gy .net.hn .net.ht .net.im
.net.ki .net.lc .net.my   .net.pe
.net.ph .net.pl .net.sb .net.sc .net.so
.net.za .no .nom.ag .nom.pl .nu
  .off.ai .org.af .org.ag .org.ai
.org.at .org.gg .org.gl .org.gr .org.hn
.org.ht .org.im .org.lc .org.my  
.org.ph .org.pl .org.sb .org.sc .org.so
.org.tw .org.za .p.lc .pe .ph
.pl .pm .pro.ec .pt .pw
.qa .re .ro .ru .ruhr
.sc .se .sg .sh .shop.pl
.si .so .sr .st .sx
.tc .tel.ki .tf .tk .tl
.tm .to .travel .tw .vg
.waw.pl .web.za .wf .wien .yt

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Important notice regarding telephone numbers

As of Oct. 30, 2019, contact update requests for domains that contain improperly formatted phone and fax numbers will fail. Fax and phone numbers must meet the following requirements:

  • Test for a '+' preceding the phone number.
  • Test for a valid international area code.
  • Test for a valid telephone number prefix (the numbers directly after the international area code).
    Note: For telephone numbers from Italy, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Portugal and Spain, there is no telephone number prefix. In these cases, the "0" directly after the dot belongs to the telephone number, and this is not considered invalid.
  • Test for at least three numbers after the '.'
  • Test for only numbers and no letters.
    Spaces, dots, hyphens will be ignored and removed. If a dot has been specified, then this first dot will be taken into account. If the dot is at its correct position (i.e. behind the international area code), then all other dots are ignored. If the first dot is in the wrong position, this leads to an error. For example:
    +4,912,123,456 Wrong
    +491.2123.456 Wrong
    + Correct
    +49.12123456 Correct
    +4912123456 Correct

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