Externally managed TLDs

As of 09/28/2018:
Should a domain pass its 'Change renew/let expire settings x before expiry (Column S)' OpenSRS will no longer be supporting requests to manually change the auto-renewal setting of said domain.

Shortcut to this article: opensrs.help/external-tlds 

.ac .ae .aero .af .ag
.airport .am .as .at .berlin
.biz.ki .biz.pl .cd .ch .cl
.cm .co.ag .co.at .co.cm .co.gg
.cn .sh.cn .com.cn .net.cn .org.cn
.co.gl .co.gy .co.hu .co.il .co.im
.co.je .co.kr .co.lc .co.ma .co.nz
.co.ve .co.za .cologne .com.af .com.ag
.com.ai .com.ar .com.cm .com.ec .com.gl
.com.gr .com.gy .com.hn .com.hr .com.ht
.com.im .com.ki .com.lc .com.lv .com.ly
.com.mx .com.my .com.pe .com.ph .com.pl
.com.pr .com.pt .com.ro .com.pt .com.ro
.com.ru .com.sb .com.sc .com.tw .com.ua
.com.uy .com.ve .coop .cx .cz
.de .dk .ec .edu.gr .edu.pl
.fi .fin.ec .fm .fr .gd
.gg .gl .gr .gs .gy
.hamburg .hk .hm .hn .ht
.hu .idv.tw .im .info.ec .info.ht
.info.ki .info.pl .io .is .je
.jobs .jp .kg .koeln .kr
.l.lc .la .lc .li .lt
.lu .lv .ly .ma .md
.med.ec .mn .mobi.ki .ms .mu
.mx .my .name .net.af .net.ag
.net.ai .net.cm .net.ec .net.gg .net.gl
.net.gr .net.gy .net.hn .net.ht .net.im
.net.ki .net.lc .net.my .net.nz .net.pe
.net.ph .net.pl .net.sb .net.sc .net.so
.net.za .no .nom.ag .nom.pl .nu
.nz .off.ai .or.af .org.ag .org.ai
.org.at .org.gg .org.gl .org.gr .org.hn
.org.ht .org.im .org.lc .org.my .org.nz
.org.ph .org.pl .org.sb .org.sc .org.so
.org.tw .org.za .p.lc .pe .ph
.pl .pm .pro.ec .pt .pw
.qa .re .ro .ru .ruhr
.sc .se .sg .sh .shop.pl
.si .so .sr .st .sx
.tc .tel.ki .tf .tk .tl
.tm .to .travel .tw .vg
.waw.pl .web.za .wf .wien .yt
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