Managing Domains by Profile (OpenSRS Control Panel)

You can easily manage all the domains associated with a specific profile in your reseller account. Follow the steps below to:

  • Search domains by profile
  • Merge domains into one profile


Search Domains by Profile

To find all domains assigned to a specific user profile:

  1. Click Domains.
  2. Click the Profiles filter next to the Quick filter box.
Search Domains by Profile


  1. Enter the domain name and click Validate. The system will check if the domain is valid and for associated profiles.


  1. If the system has found an associated profile, click Apply filter.


Your domains will now be sorted by that profile.

If the system is unable to find the domain that you have entered, it will return an error and you'll be prompted to enter a valid domain name.



Merge Domains into One Profile

To merge several domains into one profile:

  1. Click Domains.
  2. Select all the domains that you want to merge.
Merge Domains into One Profile


  1. Click the Bulk Actions drop down and select Merge into one profile.


  1. Choose from Create a new profile and Select an existing profile.
    • A new profile requires a username, password and email address.


  • To add to an existing profile, enter a domain associated with that profile and then click Validate.

5.     Click Save to merge the domains into one profile.

The merge process is not completed immediately when you click Save, but it will run in the background until it is finished.

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