How to determine the expiry date for a domain

For many TLDs, when a domain expires, it enters a 40-day grace period during which it can still be renewed - at this time, OpenSRS (or another registrar) technically renews it for this purpose, even though the domain is not yet actually renewed.  Because of this, the WHOIS information for expiry date for a given domain can be confusing.

Due to this potential confusion, we recommend checking the Resellers Control Panel.

Domains in your account

To view the expiry date of your domain in the Control Panel, go to Domains and view the domain you are looking for.  The date is under Expires.

If you have recently submitted a renewal and the new expiry date is not reflected in the Control Panel, please contact support.

Domains in your account

Domains not in your account

If you do not have access to the Resellers Control Panel or want to view the expiry of a domain not in your account, we recommend looking for the Raw Registrar Data when trying to determine the expiry date of a domain from WHOIS data, particularly the Registrar Registration Expiration Date.  

Domains not in your account
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