How to determine the expiry date for a domain

The expiry date for a domain may reflect a different date depending on the source. The registry will be keeping track of their data separately. Checking the OpenSRS control panel ensures that you have the same data as we do for your domain's expiry. 

Domains in your account

To view the expiry date of your domain in the control panel,

  1. Sign in to the Reseller control panel
  2. Go to Domains tab and view the domain you are looking for.  The expiry date is provided in the domains overview section. 


If you have recently submitted renewal and the new expiry date is not reflected in the Control panel, please contact support.

Domains not in your account

If you do not have access to the Reseller control panel or want to view the expiry of a domain not in your account, we recommend using the WHOIS data, specifically the registrar registration expiration date. 


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