Install and use the OpenSRS WHMCS Email Module


This article outlines how to install and use the OpenSRS email module for WHMCS. Our module allows you to automate the provisioning of email services to your clients. 


Step 1: Download the module package

You can find a link to download our email module on the OpenSRS WHMCS integration page.

Step 2: Unpack the ZIP file

Using your favourite package manager, unzip the email module to your computer. This will unpack a folder called "opensrsemail". This folder contains a readme, and all the files required to upload to your WHMCS installation.

Step 3: Upload the files to your WHMCS installation

Using your FTP client, navigate into the WHMCS folder of the opensrsemail folder we just unpacked on your computer, and upload the files into the /modules/servers folder of your WHMCS installation.

Step 4: Create a new product / service

Navigate to the Setup > Products/Services > Products/Services menu in your WHMCS administration panel.

Step 5: Create a new product group

Click Create a New Group and setup a group for your hosted email products.

Step 6: Create a new product

Click Create a New Product


Step 7: Name the product and click Continue

Step 8: Configure module settings

Under Module Settings click on the dropdown next to Module Name and select Opensrsmail. In the username field enter admin@youresellerusername.adm. For example, if your reseller username is greatdomains, you would enter admin@greatdomains.adm. Select your email cluster. To find out which email cluster you are on, see our article here. Enter your reseller password in the password field and click Save Changes.

Step 9: Create a new configureable options group

Navigate to Setup > Products/Services > Configureable Options in your WHMCS administration panel.


Step 10: Click Create a New Group



Step 11: Configure the new group

Click Add New Configurable Option.


Step 12: Set Configureable Options for mailboxes and forwards

Add a new option called Mailboxes of the type quantity and create an option called Mailboxes and set your pricing per mailbox.



Add a new option called Forwards of the type quantity and create an option called Forwards and set your pricing per forward.

Finally, add a new option called Filters of the type quantity and create an option called Filters and set your pricing per filter. 

Step 13: Assign that configureable option group to the product you created earlier


Installation Completed

At this point your customers will be able to purchase the service and choose the number of mailboxes and forwards they would like to have. They will also be able to adjust those quantities from the product management page. They will be able to manage their mailboxes based on the quantities they have selected and only add mailboxes or forwards when they have availability to, otherwise they will be required to delete them.


Using the WHMCS email module

You now have an email product configured and available for purchase through your WHMCS cart system.



When users sign up for an email service, their email domain will be automatically provisioned based on your module settings. Automatic provisioning can be setup in the Module Settings tab of the email product page. 



Once the product has been manually or automatically provisioned, the client will have the following interface in their WHMCS client area:



Download Setup Instructions provides the user with email client configuration information. Users can click Setup Mailbox in order to create an email account. 


Clicking Save will create the mailbox on the server.


Adding Additional Mailboxes

Users can purchase additional mailboxes by using the Upgrade/Downgrade Options on the email product page.



Note: You will need to allow upgrading of configureable options in the Upgrades section of the email product page in your admin area.


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