Afternic is a domain market place for existing domains.  Domain owners can list domains for sale through their website.  The owner will need to approve each listing via the approval email.  If the owner does not follow the instructions in the email, the listing request will be cancelled. If the owner receives an approval email but he did not actually initiate the listing request, someone else may have entered the wrong domain by mistake.  The verification email can be ignored if this is the case.  

To register a domain for sale on Afternic: 

1. Create an account through

2. Login to the account and add the domain name and the desired price to the Domain Listing Service (DLS).

3. Enable "Fast Transfer" of the domain. 

4. An email will be sent to the registrant from Tucows.  The email will include a link where the domain can be opted into the DLS.

5. The owner will need to provide an authcode to prove ownership of the domain.  

6. If the domain subsequently sells, it will then be transferred to the new owner immediately.

Sample approval form:

Sample approval link (will not resolve; simply shows what it will look like):

Afternic is not affiliated with Tucows Inc.  Please contact their support team for inquiries related to their services.

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