.PL is the country code top-level domain (cctld) for Poland, operated by nask

.PL registrations do not have any local residency requirements.

Registration details

Registration details can be found in the TLD reference chart. New domain registrations can sometimes timeout at the registry. If a new registration has a status of “Waiting for registry response”, please contact OpenSRS support to have the order cancelled, then resubmit the registration. 


.PL domains can now support explicit renewal, should autorenewal be disabled please ensure to enable it a minimum of 2 days prior to expiry to ensure your renewal goes through otherwise please manually renew your domain. 


Once the transfer has been started, a standard approval email is sent to the owner contact for the domain from opensrs. After the transfer has been approved a subsequent approval email from the registry is sent to the contact based on the registry database. This email cannot be resent and is only valid for a period of 5 days. If the transfer is not approved within the 5 day time frame, the registry automatically cancels the transfer.


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