.ES Domain Policies

.ES is the TLD for Spain, and is regulated by the RED.ES Registry.

Registration details

Registration details can be found in the TLD reference chart.

Note: Any modifications to the registrant contact in our system are NOT automatically updated at the registry. Please notify help@opensrs.com after you have submitted a change to the registrant information via the Control Panel.

Important note about payments

The registry operator for .ES will accept multiple requests for a domain name and await payment from registrars and/or registrants. The requests are taken on a first-come, first-served basis, and the registry then awaits payment.

Each registration in the queue has 20 days to fulfill the payment obligation. If the payment obligation is not fulfilled in this timeframe, the order is cancelled and the next order has another 20 days.

If the registration is ultimately successful, the order will be marked as completed and the reseller will receive notification and will be charged.

Please note that if a domain is available and registered through OpenSRS, Tucows pays the registry at that time and the domain is registered. Queuing will only occur if there are previous registrations made by other entities.


If a .ES domain is not renewed by the expiry date, it enters a 10 day grace period after which the domain is de-activated and deleted and made available by the registry.


.ES domains do not have a transfer lock or an authorization code. When a transfer is started, a transfer approval email is sent to the admin contact email by the registry directly. The registrant then has 10 days to approve the transfer or the order is cancelled automatically. Registration is not renewed upon transfer completion.

Changes of ownership

To change a domain’s registrant information, log in to the Control Panel and enter the new owner's information. After submitting the changes, you need to submit a customer ticket to help@opensrs.com stating “Please process the registrant changes submitted through the Control Panel for domainname.es."

To satisfy registry requirements, you must also submit the following along with the .ES registrant transfer request:

  • A copy of the ID card/passport of the current admin contact in JPG format with a maximum size of 600px by 400px.
  • If the new admin contact is not the same as the current admin, copies of the ID card/passport of the new admin contact in JPG format with a maximum size of 600px by 400px.
  • If the new owner is a company, copies of the company registration certificate of the new domain owner company or the company registration/trade license number. Documents should be sent in JPG format with a maximum size of 600px by 400px.
  • If the new owner is an individual, a copy of the ID card/passport of the new owner in JPG format with a maximum size of 600px by 400px.

Supporting documentation/images should be emailed to help@opensrs.com.

Changes to the registrant information for a .ES domain name must be confirmed by both the old and new registrants. Each party receives an email from the registry, RED.ES, that must be responded to accordingly. In some cases, the registry may also request some additional documentation.

Postal Codes

When using a postal code within the state Las Palmas, the registry requires the state to be written as follows:


.ES Registrant verification

The .ES registry is enforcing a special cancellation procedure which requires registrants to specify their registrant type and provide associated IDs at the registry level during registration. The process is essentially a combination of the registrant verification procedure and WDRP, and registrants are required to complete the process within 10 days of being notified.

OpenSRS will request this information during registration: 

1. Select the ID document type from the three available options

2. Enter the ID document number

For details on NIF (Personal ID numbers) and CIF (Company ID numbers) for Spain check here.

The complete Registry policy is outlined here: English | Spanish

This section will address the following questions:

What happens if the registrant fails to verify this information within 10 days?

The domain will stop resolving and show as Inactive in the AWI. In addition, the Name of Blocked Domain will also display as Procedimiento de Cancelación on the web whois report (Please see the example below).

After 30 days, the domain will be scheduled for deletion. Domains deleted for this reason cannot be recovered. 

If a domain is deleted, the registrant will be notified via email.


How is the process initiated?

The registrant will receive an email from red.es (.es registry) with the subject:

Comunicado relativo a la desactivación de las DNS del nombre de dominio {domain} en el marco del procedimiento de cancelación especial para la comprobación del cumplimiento de los requisitos de asignación.

This roughly translates to:

Under the cancellation procedures please note that the DNS pertaining to this domain will be disabled.

What needs to be done?

In the email sent to the registrant, there is a link to a document which outlines how to complete the verification process.

Here are both versions of the document: English Spanish

After logging in at   https://www.nic.es/sgnd/login.action, the user must:

  • Access the list of allegations of special cancellations from the My Request/Pending Cancellation Procedure menu on the left-hand side.

  • Click on the cancellation reference to view the information window that displays the option to attach allegations.

  • Select Present Allegations to view the titular person's data.

    From here, the user should select one of the following options: 

Option 1: Modify

This allows the user to change or update incorrect data.

Option 2: Continue

This allows the user to confirm that the data is correct.

Option 3: Check the box

The user should select this option if the data related to the contact person is correct (natural person), but the type of contact (legal person) is incorrect. The user will then be prompted to replace the identifier.


4.  When finished, click on the Continue button.  A new window will appear, in which the user can attach documentation that verifies the information provided in the previous form.


5. The document supplied should validate the company registration number and details or the ID of the domain holder if private person.

Note: A Legal Person is an organization, and a Natural Person is a private individual.


What if the domain registrant/admin has forgotten their login?

You can view the ESNIC ID via web whois. The console whois lookup only works if your IP Address is whitelisted for access. Please direct users to:


On the page is a domain lookup tool, which can be used to retrieve the Identifier.

Here is an example output, where the domain holder identifier is "SS20617-ESNIC-F4"

Note that the admin contact can also complete the process on behalf of the registrant.

If you query the domain in the AWI the Registry Agent Output will list the ESNIC ID of the Admin contact. It doesn’t, however, list the ESNIC ID of the registrant.


What if the registrant/admin has forgotten their ESNIC password?

This can be retrieved using the forgot password option available on the main login page.


Updated .es verification for current .es registrants

New registry requirements dictate that any company or individual that currently owns, or wishes to register a .es domain, provide their tax numbers (commonly referred to as NIF of NIE numbers). 

What action is required on part of the registrant?

Current .es domain registrants

You are under no obligation to update or provide this information, until the registry requests it. Should the registry (red.es) contact you, you will be required to provide NIF/NIE information. Failure to do within the time frame specified by the registry may result service disruption or cancellation.

What is the process?

Current .es registrants may receive an email from red.es, requesting that the registrant provide NIF/NIE numbers. If a registrant receives such an email, they should simply follow the steps outlined in the email in order to complete the verification process.

What are the relevant xml commands & parameters?

A chart of required information and example request & response code can be found in our API XML guide.

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