OpenSRS pricing is based on a tiered structure. Our four-tiered pricing structure offers resellers greater discounts by rewarding strong performance and growth. Instead of offering a single price point for each TLD, we’ll provide discounted pricing based on new domain registration volume and annual domain, email, and SSL spend. This tiered pricing model makes our pricing more flexible while maintaining high transparency.

Important: New pricing changes will be taking effect on September 1st 2023.

Reseller pricing structure

Note: These pricing changes will be taking effect on September 1st 2023.

Pricing plan





Minimum requirements


Annual spend on domains, email, and SSL: $2,000


Annual number of new domain registrations /transfers: 100

Annual spend on domains, email, and SSL: $50,000


The annual number of new domain registrations/transfers: 500

Annual spend on domains, email, and SSL: $100,000


The annual number of new domain registrations/transfers: 1,000

Old reseller pricing structure

Pricing plan





Minimum Requirements


Annual spend on domains: $5,000


Annual number of new domain registrations /transfers: 100

Annual spend on domains: $50,000


Annual number of new domain registrations/transfers: 500

Annual spend on domains: $100,000


Annual number of new domain registrations/transfers: 1,000

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How to determine which pricing tier you are in

To understand which pricing tier you have been placed in, please validate your TLDs' pricing from the reseller control panel to our pricing page. All prices are listed in United States Dollars. 

  1. Log in to the reseller control panel.
  2. Click on Billing and Payments.

  3.  Observe the Pricing Tier Plan section under Account Balances.

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Annual review

We will conduct a performance assessment at the beginning of every calendar year to determine your pricing plan for the following year. We will look at the total domain, email, and SSL-related spending and the total number of new domain registrations and transfers between January 1 and December 31 of the previous year. As a result of the annual assessment, you may stay in your pricing plan or be upgraded to a higher-tiered plan or downgraded to a lower-tiered one. Your new pricing plan will go into effect on April 1 of the new calendar year, and we always provide you with at least 30 days' notice of any change to your pricing tier.

If you are experiencing good performance during a particular calendar year and would like to be considered for an upgrade, we encourage you to talk to our support team.

Note: For sub-reseller accounts, if your pricing is changing, you will have to update your pricing for sub-resellers accordingly.


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Frequently asked questions

Question Answer
Why did the pricing structure change?

To make it easier to qualify for better pricing. We’ve lowered the threshold for entry into our second tier, and we’ll now count your email and SSL sales toward your total spend.

We are reducing the total spend amount required to reach the Advanced tier, formerly called Startup.  Previously, the requirements for this tier were $5000 total spend on domains and 100 domain registrations/transfers. This tier only requires $2000 total spent across domain, email, and SSL products.

How can I set my customer's price if my price might change? At the end of every calendar year, we’ll conduct a performance assessment to determine your pricing plan for the following calendar year. You will be given proper notice of this price change, but it’s important to note that this yearly assessment may culminate in a price reduction if you qualify for a higher-discount plan.
I had a bad year this year. Can you make an exception based on previous years? We will maintain the criteria to determine where resellers are placed. We encourage you to contact support if you feel you should have been placed in a different pricing plan.
I have sub-resellers. Do I have to adjust my pricing for them manually? Yes, you will adjust the price for your sub-resellers accordingly.
What makes up domain transactions and domain spend when you are determining my performance? To determine the number of domain transactions, we review the number of new registrations and transfers.
Note: Each registration or transfer counts as one transaction, regardless of the number of registration years.

For domain spend, we are looking at revenue for every transaction related to domains except for WHOIS privacy, plus revenue for every transaction related to email and SSL products.
Do premium domain sales count toward domain spending? Yes, premium domain sales will count toward domain spend.
Do redemptions and renewals count toward domain spending? Yes, they count toward total domain spend but not toward transactions. Only new registrations and transfers count toward the transaction requirement.
Does WHOIS privacy count towards domain spend and transactions? No, WHOIS privacy does not count towards either requirement.
I was able to get a discount in the past, why can’t I get one now? We are introducing a new pricing structure that is simple and transparent. Our main goal is to create a level playing field, ensuring that resellers of similar size have access to similar pricing. You will qualify for discounts if you meet the criteria. If you are experiencing amazing performance during the calendar year, we encourage you to contact support.
Where can I see how my account is doing at any given time? You have access to your financial statements in the Reseller Control Panel.
Will I be notified of plan changes to my account and, if yes, how far in advance of the change? We conduct the annual assessment in January. Any change to your pricing tier will take effect on April 1, and we will provide you with at least 30 days' notice. This means the latest we would notify you would be March 1st. However, we typically provide more notice than 30 days.
Do the transactions and revenue spend from my sub-resellers count towards my targets? Yes, if you have sub-resellers, their transactions and revenue will count toward your target.
How do promotions work? Will existing promotional prices remain in effect?

We will continue to offer promotions and will extend the same promotional price to all resellers. Resellers in growth or enterprise plans may sometimes find that the promotional price for a particular TLD is higher than their normal price. In all cases, the lowest price will always remain in effect. Promotional discounts will not be compounded with plan-based discounts.

Promotional prices based on sign-up or channel-wide offers will continue to remain in effect until their scheduled end date. Here again, the lowest price, whether that be the plan-based price or the promotional price, will always remain in effect.

Will pricing for other services be affected?

No. Pricing for all other services and products we offer will not be affected.

I have not used OpenSRS in some time. Where do I find resources to get started again?

We have developed a Quick Start guide that covers the basics of account configuration. You can also look at our full documentation as well as our API Guide.

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