GDPR FAQ - Data use, consent and process changes

Due to the overwhelming amount of data associated with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), we've broken things down into smaller individual guides. 

GDPR Guides

Resource links

OpenSRS’ Reseller GDPR Checklist

OpenSRS Blog post with many links and info on GDPR.

Your data sharing preferences pages 

The location from which a registrant can set, view, and update their consent preferences or revoke consent. 

A tool for registrants and resellers, with data-processing details for each TLD, including the name of the provider, personal data processing, and the legal basis.

Transfer in email

The new transfer in e-mail message. 

Transfer in landing page

The transfer-in page users will see for approval.
Consent management sample Flow chart with consent choice change.
Consent management sample Flow chart of a new registration.
Transfer process - before and after A comparison between how domain transfers pre and post-GDPR.

GDPR API changes

Changes to the API for GDPR. 

End-user consent request emails

How we send the Your data sharing preferences page URL to the registrant. 

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