Charleston Road Registry domain policies

Charleston Road Registry Inc. administers the top-level domains .APP, .DAY, .DEV, .PAGE, .BOO and .RSVP.

Registration details

The name length requirements for these domains are three to 63 characters before the TLD. We do not support IDNs for these TLDs. The maximum registration term is ten years.

These domains require SSL certificates to load successfully in browsers and require resellers to inform registrants of additional details during the checkout process.

Explicit renewal Yes
Domain locking available Yes
Auto-renew date 30 days
Grace period 40 days
Redemption period 30 days
Authcode required Yes
Contact Privacy  Available
IDNs available No
Registry premiums allowed Yes
DNSSEC manageable Yes

SSL requirements

The HSTS preload list has added these namespaces to its list. Second-level domains under these TLDs will only load on modern browsers with a valid SSL certificate and the web server serving HTTPS.

Registration language requirements

Resellers must present the following information to registrants during the checkout process before registering one of these domains:

  • that the domains are more secure because they are HSTS preloaded
  • the requirement to configure HTTPS serving so that browsers can load the respective websites
  • resources about configuring HTTPS and obtaining an SSL certificate

Resellers can provide this information as an external or internal website or window. The information should include details on configuring HTTPS for browsing or linking to a third-party resource such as Let's Encrypt.

Sample language

We've created a sample notice for resellers that meets all of the listed requirements:

.APP, .DAY, .DEV, .PAGE, .BOO and .RSVP domains are secure domains that require HTTPS for all websites of these TLD types. You can buy your .APP, .DAY, .DEV, .PAGE, .BOO and .RSVP domain name now, but for it to work correctly in any browser, you must first configure HTTPS serving. For more information about setting up HTTPS, including resources to obtain an SSL certificate, please visit [link to reseller page on SSL, or Let's Encrypt].

[Follow by reseller option to add an SSL certificate to cart.]

SSL options

OpenSRS offers a variety of SSL certificates to provide to your clients to complement the purchase of a .APP, .DAY, .DEV, .PAGE, .BOO and .RSVP domain. We also offer SSL Lite certificates for domains meeting the requirements. 

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