Why is my customer’s asynchronous domain pre-consented? They haven’t yet provided consent.

To provide an intuitive and transparent experience for the registrant, the consent status for any already active, asynchronous service is set to “yes-consent” by default. This is because the client is considered to have consented to the data processing by purchasing the service prior to these enhanced data protection requirements coming in to effect. Additionally, although consent has not yet technically been provided, an affirmative consent status accurately indicates the current data use settings: the end user's personal data have already been processed and shared with Tucows and our registry partner(s). For registrants wishing to revoke consent, a “yes-consent” status also makes the required action very clear: they must uncheck the box and submit, at which point they will be directed to their reseller to complete their request and cancel service. While ideally, we would replace these consent-based data with placeholder data until consent is provided, we are not permitted to do so by the registry, and so the service would need to be canceled in order for the withdrawal of consent to have any real effect.

Please note, that for synchronous services, for which placeholder data are accepted by the registry or service provider, the consent checkbox will always start in an ‘empty’ state and only show a ‘checked’ state (indicating that consent was given) if the registrant provides consent.

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