How are products grouped together on the Data use consent settings page?

Each service or product offered through Tucows falls into a particular “consent group” within our system, and once the consent preference is logged for a group, that choice is applied to any future purchases of products within that same group.

In order for two products to fall within the same consent group, they must be offered through the same service provider, must contractually require the same data elements, and must request the same consent-based data elements. For example, a registry might operate multiple TLDs and for each of them contractually require the registrant name, email, and country, but also request consent to process the registrant’s phone number. These TLDs would fall into the same consent group, and once the registrant sets their consent preferences for one of these TLDs, the registrant’s choice would be applied to all future purchases of other TLDs within this group. This means that no future consent request emails would be sent to the registrant for purchases within this group. However, if this same registry offers another TLD for which they request consent to process the registrant’s postal address, in addition to their phone number, the registrant would receive a consent request upon purchasing this TLD, as it would fall into a distinct consent group.

Tucows groups products this way, so we’re able to reduce the number of consent requests the registrant receives while ensuring the registrant, has complete control over which of their personal data are shared, and with whom.

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