Email security is becoming more and more important as your email address becomes tied to more essential systems. Although we all know that a secure, unique, complex password helps to keep our email accounts safe, additional help is always welcome. Enhanced email security features, like two-factor authentication and app-specific passwords, help offer that extra security with ease of use.


Frequently asked questions about enhanced email security

1. Do I need to set up both 2FA and app-specific passwords?

No, both security measures are independent of one another. You can set up one without using the other, or set up both for the additional security. App-specific passwords help offer extra security when you've set up an email client to receive your email, and two-factor authentication (2FA) helps keep your webmail access secure. 

2. How do I change the authentication device or phone numbers for 2FA?

To change the authentication method for 2FA, you’ll need to log in, disable your 2FA, and re-enable it with the new method.

3. I lost my 2FA token, how do I get access?

If you’ve lost your phone, reset it, or replaced it before you were able to disable and reset up 2FA with your new method, you need to reach out to your reseller to bypass your 2FA authentication. Once it’s been bypassed, you will be able to set up 2FA again.

4. I set up app-specific passwords, and now I can’t access email on my phone, what happened?

When you set up app-specific passwords, applications like the email app in your phone will now need the specific random password that was created for it. Just log into your account, go to passwords and set up a new app password to generate the new individual password for your email app.


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