Comodo is now Sectigo!

In late 2017, Comodo's CA was acquired by Francisco Partners. They have transformed the business to improve supporting their customers, and partners. As a result of the takeover, they have decided to rebrand, and change the company name to Sectigo

This take over has also brought new innovative solutions to Sectigo, and we look forward to new products to offer our resellers in the future. 

Product name changes will begin as early as December 17th of 2018.

The issued certificates will be rebranded as early as Q1 of 2019.


Q1: What changes will be made within OpenSRS?
A1: The reference to Comodo will be removed and replaced with Sectigo. The product names for SSL certificates will be changed as well.

Q2: Will existing certificates continue to be trusted?
A2: Yes

Q3: How will this impact my existing API implementation?
A3: The legacy comodo product names will be backwards compatible so it will not impact your existing API templates.

Please feel free to contact support at for any other questions that are not covered here. 

Product Name Changes:

Current: Will be:
Comodo EV SSL Sectigo EV SSL
Comodo InstantSSL Sectigo Instant SSL
Comodo PremiumSSL Sectigo Premium SSL
Comodo PremiumSSL Wildcard Sectigo Premium SSL Wildcard
Comodo SSL Sectigo DV SSL
Comodo SSL Wildcard Sectigo DV SSL Wildcard
Comodo EssentialSSL Sectigo Essential SSL
Comodo EssentialSSL Wildcard Sectigo EssentialSSL Wildcard
PositiveSSL Sectigo Positive SSL



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