What do the various GDPR consent statuses mean?

For synchronous TLDs, there are four possible consent options:

  • Pending
    This status means that the registrant has not yet provided their consent choice.

  • Response provided - Contract only
    This status indicates that the registrant has declined to share consent-based info, and therefore only contract-based data elements will be shared with the registry.

  • Response provided - Consent and Contract
    This indicates that registrant has provided consent to share data elements “requested by consent” in addition to those “requested by contract.” Therefore, both contract- and consent-based data elements will be shared with the registry.

  • N/A - All Contractual Data
    In this scenario, all data is required contractually by the registry, and none of the data elements are dependent on the registrant’s consent.

A registrant’s consent status for a particular domain is also indicated as a gdpr_consent_status value in the get_domain API command response. For more help, please refer to GDPR API changes for the definition of all possible gdpr_consent_status values.

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