Enabling Webmail Preview

Short link: opensrs.help/webmail-preview

We’re giving our Webmail a fresh new look and feel. Webmail will get a new modern, mobile-responsive interface to help improve workflows while maintaining all of its familiar features and offering the same control over branding. The update will affect the location of some of the features and settings while leaving all user emails, contacts, custom settings and data safe and unaffected.

We’re offering a preview of our new Webmail experience. Resellers who have chosen to use the default brand without customizations will be automatically enrolled in the preview period, offering their customers the option to log into our new preview of Webmail or classic view as they choose. If you have custom branding, you can decide to enable Webmail Preview in the MAC (Mail Administrative Console) and update your custom branding for your login page.

Our new Webmail look will officially become our default look after the preview period is over.

Preview enabled and Preview forced

If you have custom branding enabled for your webmail clients, we’re offering two ways for your customers to experience our new Webmail during the preview period.

  • Preview enabled
  • Preview forced

Preview enabled offers your customer the ability to choose. Your customers will have the option to test out the new Webmail look voluntarily with the opportunity to revert back to the classic view if needed. During login, they will have a toggle option at login that will let users toggle between the classic view and the new look.

Preview forced puts control in the hands of the resellers. All of the customers under the Preview forced equipped Brand will see the new Webmail view upon login with no option to switch to the classic view.

If you have custom branding and chose not to enable either of the two preview options, then you will remain on Webmail classic view until the preview period ends. After the preview period ends, all users of Webmail will automatically be moved to our new Webmail experience regardless if they’ve tried the preview or not.

Note: If you do not have custom branding enabled, you will automatically have preview enabled offered to your customers.

Enabling Webmail Preview for your custom brand

  1. Log in to the MAC.
  2. Click on Brands from the menu on the left-hand side.
  3. Select the brand where you would like to enable Webmail preview.
  4. Under Basic settings, choose the checkbox for either Preview enabled or Preview forced.
    Note: Selecting Preview forced will automatically also select Preview enabled.
  5. Click Update at the bottom of the page and this feature will update across the brand.

Logging in with Webmail Preview enabled

If you have Webmail Preview enabled, or if you don’t have custom branding enabled, your customers will be able to voluntarily switch between the new Webmail interface and the classic interface. During login, customers can use the preview toggle to test out Webmail Preview.

  1. Open Webmail in your browser.
  2. Enter in your email address and password
  3. Toggle Use the new Webmail Interface Preview to log into Webmail preview or Webmail classic.
  4. Click Login.
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