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The TLDs that can be transferred to OpenSRS can be verified from column L of our TLD reference chart.

Transfer requirements

A domain name can be transferred into an OpenSRS reseller account if the following conditions are met.

  • The domain name is unlocked, and you have the authorization (EPP) code.
  • The domain name does not have any "hold" on it at the registrar or registry.
  • The domain has resided at the previous provider for more than 60 days since it was first registered or transferred.

Transfer process

To start the transfer process, the end-user contacts an OpenSRS reseller to transfer their domain to us, and the reseller initiates the transfer request from the Reseller Control Panel, Classic Reseller Interface, or using API.

Transfer request submitted from the Reseller Control Panel

  1. Log in to the Reseller Control Panel.
  2. Select on the Domains tab and click the + (plus) icon.
  3. Search for the domain name and click on Transfer? option. This option will only appear if the domain is transferrable.
  4. Type in the registrant username and password for your end-user to be able to manage the domain at the manage web interface.
  5. Use the Associate with existing user option if you wish to insert the domain into an existing profile.
  6. Select the domain settings like auto-renew, contact privacy, lock domain, etc.
  7. Fill in the owner, admin, billing, and technical contact.
  8. Now you can select the nameservers of the domain. The options are:
    • Use our nameservers
    • Park with ads
    • Keep existing nameservers
    • Use your own nameservers
  9. Select a DNS template if you want to apply a template that you have already set for your account.
  10. Submit the order.

Once the transfer request has been successfully submitted, the transfer order will now be waiting for owner approval.

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Transfer request submitted from Classic Reseller Interface

You can submit the authorization code along with the transfer order if the request is placed from Classic Interface. The new interface doesn't provide an option to submit the authorization code with the transfer request.

  1. Log in to the Classic Reseller Interface.
  2. Under the Order Management section, enter the domain name in transfer a domain and click Transfer.
  3. In the retrieve order information section, type in the existing domain name, username, password, and click Retrieve data to insert the domain in an existing profile. 
  4. If you want to open a new profile, fill in the registrant username and password in the registrant profile information section.
  5. In the domain information section, select the domain settings like auto-renew, whois privacy, domain lock, etc.
  6. Enter the transfer authorization code in the Authcode for EPP domains section.
  7. Enter the owner, admin, billing, and tech information for the domain name.
  8. Choose the DNS settings for the domain. The options are:
    • Use existing DNS settings
    • Use your own DNS servers
    • Use our DNS
  9. Apply a template if required.
  10. Make sure the action dropdown says Transfer now and click Submit.

Once the transfer request has been successfully submitted with a valid authorization code, the transfer advances to waiting for registry approval status with no transfer approval email being sent from OpenSRS.

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Transfer status

Waiting for owner approval

Once the transfer request is submitted, our system will send an email to the owner contact specified in the transfer order. The owner can provide the authorization code for the domain through the email. If the domain owner fails to respond within five days, the transfer request will time out, and the order will show as declined.


Resend transfer approval email

The reseller can resend the approval email if the owner has not received it. 

  1. Log in to the Classic reseller interface.
  2. Under the View transfers option, select Waiting owner approval.
  3. Select the Resend email option corresponding to the domain name.
  4. Click Submit. The email will be sent to the email address listed below, the ordered by section.


Waiting for registry approval

If the authorization code submitted is valid, the transfer will be sent to the registry for processing. There is no further action required from the registrant or reseller at this stage. The losing registrar may send an email to the domain owner to approve or reject the transfer request. The transfer will automatically be processed within five days if the owner does not reject it.



Once the registry has processed the transfer request, the transfer order will now show as completed, and the domain will be active in the corresponding reseller account. The registration term will be extended, depending on the TLD. Refer to column L of the TLD reference chart for details on a specific domain behavior.


The transfer request will show declined status if the transfer request is rejected by the owner, reseller, or losing registrar or if the transfer request has timed out.


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