.UK Domain policies

Registration details

Registration details can be found in the TLD reference chart. OpenSRS offers domain name registrations for .UK, .CO.UK, and .ME.UK. Due to Nominet’s requirements, .LTD.UK, .PLC.UK, and .NET.UK domains must be registered with Nominet directly; however, we do offer renewals and transfers of these domains.

The Admin Email field is mandatory for all new registrations; however, you no longer need to complete the Fax fields. 

Contact Privacy

Beginning May 21, 2018, Nominet discontinued the contact privacy service on all UK TLDs. The registry no longer displays registrant name and address in whois for both individual and organization registered domains, rendering contact privacy unnecessary. 

Resellers cannot enable contact privacy or opt-in or out of whois display for any UK domains. When performing API calls, these settings should not be used on new registrations or domain management actions.

Deprecated API attributes for UK domains:

  • uk_whois_opt
  • f_whois_privacy

Using a deprecated API attribute in a call will result in an "invalid XML" error. 

VAT (Value Added Tax)

VAT refers to Value Added Tax, a tax levied by the UK government. Depending on the location from which you operate your business, there are different implications.

Resellers who are not UK corporations must pay VAT on .*.UK registrations, but may be able to reclaim the VAT that was paid.

Resellers who are residents of the UK or elsewhere in Europe must pay VAT on .*.UK registrations and then reclaim the VAT paid as they normally would because the services we provide are considered to be supplied from outside the UK.

See http://customs.hmrc.gov.uk/ for details on the requirements governing VAT refunds.

Residency requirements

The .UK Registry has some specific residency requirements for registering second level (.UK) domains; however, anyone can register the following third level domains, regardless of where they live:.CO.UK, .ME.UK, .PLC.UK.

Second level .UK domain name requirements:

  • Owner contact: The owner country has to be one of GB (Great Britain), GG (Guernsey), JE (Jersey), IM (Isle of Man).
  • If the owner is not from one of those 4 countries then you must provide an Address of Service in the Admin contact and that address must be from GB, GG, JE, or IM.
    Note: Address of service is the address given to a court by a party to an action, for delivery of associated writs, summons and other legal documents. Deliveries of documents made at this address are assumed to have been delivered to the addressed party. 
    PO Boxes are not acceptable in the address.

Registering second level .UK names

Please see the following on the Nominet website:

If your domain was registered before 23:59hrs on 28 October 2013 you will have the rights to the equivalent .uk domain, providing there was no other corresponding .co.uk, .org.uk, me.uk, .ltd.uk, .plc.uk or .net.uk registered.

If there is a situation where there are two or more domains with the same website name, the .co.uk will be offered the .uk equivalent. Where there is no .co.uk, the .org.uk will be offered the .uk equivalent. Where there is no .co.uk or .org.uk the .me.uk will be offered the .uk equivalent.

Where a .co.uk domain has been registered after 28 October 2013 and before launch on 10 June 2014 the co.uk domain holder will also have rights to the .uk equivalent, as long as there is no ‘clash’ with any existing domains meeting the criteria above.

To check whether a client has rights to a .uk domain name, you can use this tool. The rights lookup tool will provide up to date information on who has the right to a .uk domain name. 

To see additional information around the right to reserve please see our article here: Right to Reserve .UK Domain Names expires June 25, 2019


Domain deletions are handled between the Registrant and Nominet directly. From Nominet's website(edited for clarity):

If you wish to cancel a domain name you can do this using Nominet's Online Services account. You should only cancel a domain name if you are sure that you no longer need it.  Once a .UK domain name is cancelled it will be available immediately to be re-registered on a first-come, first-served basis by any applicant.

Once scheduled for cancellation the domain name will be removed from the register on the day of cancellation at some point before midnight. At this point the domain name will be available for anyone to register.

A number of third level domain name registrations such as .co.uk may also hold the rights of registration for the equivalent .uk domain name. If the .co.uk domain name that holds the rights is cancelled the rights of registration for the .uk will end and the .uk domain name will be available for registration.


If a .UK domain reaches its expiry date without being renewed, Nominet sends a reminder to the Owner recommending that they contact their registrar to renew the domain. The Registrant then has 30 days from the expiry date in which to renew the domain (this is the renewal grace period). If the domain is not renewed by 23 days after the expiry date, Nominet sends another message to the registrant warning them that their domain will be suspended in 7 days.

If the domain is not renewed by the end of the 30 day grace period, Nominet notifies the registrant that their domain has been suspended and that it will remain suspended for 60 days (this is the redemption period). At this point, the domain no longer resolves; however, during this 60-day period, the suspended domain can still be redeemed simply by renewing it.

Nominet sends a final message 53 days after the beginning of the suspension period notifying the registrant that the domain name will be cancelled in 7 days. If the 60-day suspension period passes and the domain is not renewed, the domain is then deleted and it becomes available for registration by someone else.

If a renewal order is submitted during the redemption period, the domain will resolve within 24-48 hours after the renewal is processed.

Setting domains to auto-renew

.UK domains are not automatically set to auto-renew; however, you can choose to set all new or transferred .UK domains to auto-renew by default, and you can choose whether they should be auto-renewed for one or two years.

To enable auto-renew for all .UK domains

  1. In the Profile Management section of the RWI, click Tech Contact Information.
  2. Scroll down the page to the Domain Name Options section.
  3. Beside the Auto-Renew all New/Transferred Domains option, click Yes.
  4. From the .uk Auto-Renew years drop-down, choose whether you want your domains to auto-renew for one or two years.
  5. Click Save Changes.

The auto-renew setting can be disabled for individual domains at the order level by the you, the Reseller, or by the Registrant, if enabled. 


Nominet’s transfer policy requires the losing Registrar to initiate transfers on behalf of the Registrant. For domains that are being transferred in, you should advise the Registrant to contact their current Registrar to initiate the process of getting their domain transferred to the Tucows tag TUCOWS-CA.

  • Due to parsing problems at Nominet, contact data may be skewed. Instructions about how to rectify this are noted on the transfer confirmation emails sent to you and your customers.
  • When transferring a domain, the losing Registrar must change the Domain Tag of the domain to that of the gaining Registrar.
  • The Domain Tag can only be changed to a valid Nominet tag. To see valid Nominet tags, visit the Nominet website.
  • Transfer-in orders that complete within 7 days of the expiration date will be renewed and charged a renewal price.  Otherwise, there is no transfer fee and no year will be added to the domain.  

It is not possible to force the completion of .UK transfers that are Pending Registry Approval.

Note: Transfer Winback is not available for .UK domains.

Reseller to Reseller transfers

With this type of transfer, the domain tag does not change, as both the losing Reseller and the gaining Reseller are part of the same system. In this scenario, the Registrant notifies the gaining Reseller, and the gaining Reseller initiates the transfer, following the regular transfer process for gTLDs.

Once the transfer is initiated:

  1. We send the Registrant a transfer-away notification. In order to complete the transfer, Registrants must approve (ACK) the transfer request. If the Registrant fails to respond, the transfer is cancelled.
  2. We send the losing Reseller a transfer-away notification. This is simply a notification; the losing Reseller cannot NACK the transfer.
  3. Once complete, we send a confirmation of the successful transfer to the gaining Reseller.

If you, the gaining Reseller, place the transfer of an expired domain, the renewal cost for that domain is charged to your Reseller account if and when it completes.

Transfers in

To transfer a domain from a non-OpenSRS Reseller, the Registrant, the losing Registrar (Tag Holder), and the gaining Reseller must do the following:

  • The Registrant contacts their new Reseller (that is, the gaining OpenSRS Reseller).
  • The Registrant asks the losing Registrar (Tag Holder) to submit the tag change to Nominet; the tag is TUCOWS-CA.
  • The gaining Reseller accepts the transfer, according to the instructions below.

To transfer a .UK domain using the RWI

1. In the Order Management section of the RWI, enter the domain name in the Transfer a domain text field, and then click Transfer.

2. On the Transfer for <domain> page, specify an existing Registrant profile or create a new Registrant profile to associate with the transferred-in .UK domain.

To add the transfer-in domain to an existing registrant profile, enter the existing domain and registrant profile information in the Order Information area, then click Retrieve Data. The profile details are needed to ensure that domains get inserted into the correct profile once the transfer has completed.

To create a new registrant profile for the transfer-in, enter the new owner and contact details in the registrant Profile Information and Contact Information sections.

3. Scroll down the page and ensure that Transfer Now is selected in the Action drop-down list.

4. When done entering details, click Submit.
Provided that the domain is under the Tucows tag (the losing Registrar submitted the tag change to Nominet), that domain is added to your Reseller profile.

Note: If you (gaining Reseller) place the transfer of an expired domain, the renewal cost for that domain is charged to your Reseller account if and when it completes.

Cancelling a transfer-in request and resubmitting a failed transfer-in

To cancel a transfer-in request using the RWI

1. In the Requests Queuing section of the RWI, click UK Transfer In Requests.

2. From the Transfer In Requests page, click Cancel or Re-submit in the Options column, and then click Process.

Note: It is not possible to force the completion of .UK transfers that are Pending Registry Approval.

Transfers away from OpenSRS

Transfers away can be done by the domain Admin in the section of the (manage.opensrs.net) or by the Reseller through the RWI.

To transfer away using the RWI

1. In the Order Management section of the RWI, click Place UK domain Tag Transfer Away. The Change Domain Tags page opens.

2. In the New Domain Tag field, enter the gaining Registrar’s tag.

3. In the List domains box, enter the domain(s) to transfer away.

4. Click Submit.

OpenSRS sends an email to the registrant to approve the tag change.  Once approved, the tag change is submitted to Nominet. This process is usually immediate, but some registrars have setup a handshake requirement that requires them to accept incoming transfers. The registrar would have 5 days to accept the domain, after which time the domain IPS tag change expires.

Transferring a De-tagged Domain to a New Tag Holder

When a de-tagged domain is transferred to a new Tag Holder, Nominet's automated system requests an ISP Reference number:

Nominet message:

You have arranged with your new registration agent for them to pay the registration or renewal fees due for the domain name(s). Your registration agent should have given you a reference number, which will allow you to proceed with your application to move your domain name(s) to them.

We do not provide such a number; simply enter your Reseller username or any number to proceed with your transaction.

Changes of ownership

Change of ownership can be done at no cost by modifying the contact information via the OpenSRS control panel.  

However, the registrant also has the option to do this themselves for a cost (£10 plus VAT) via the .UK registry portal’s "Registrant Transfer" tab.  If the registrant transfer is done via the registry portal, both the existing and new Registrant must complete Nominet’s transfer form and send Nominet the completed form along with a letter of authorization. Nominet’s transfer form is available from Nominet’s website.   

Once you submit the form, Nominet sends a request for confirmation to the new registrant. The new registrant then has five days in which to agree to the transfer. If the transfer is not confirmed within those five days, Nominet  issues a refund, and you will need to start the process again if you still want to transfer the domain name.

If the new registrant accepts the transfer, Nominet sends you an email confirmation to let you know that the transfer process is complete.

Additional information about transferring ownership is available on Nominet’s website.


Modification of contact info

  • When a nameserver based on a .UK domain is created, it is not usable by other domains until it has first been added to the parent domain. For instance, to be able to attach the new nameserver ns1.parent.CO.UK to other.CO.UK, the following procedure must be done:
    • Create nameserver through the normal means.
    • Add the new nameserver to parent.CO.UK.
    • Add the new nameserver to other.CO.UK.

This requires that ns1.parent.CO.UK DNS be setup to return details on both the parent and the other domains.

Additional help and assistance

If you need assistance or wish to raise a complaint about abuse, please contact us with as much detail as possible and we will respond within 3 business days.

Change history


  • Nominet no longer sends out registration confirmation with login details.  Registrant wishing to manage domain at Nominet should sign up for an account at Nominet.
  • Domain deletions are requested through the registrant's account with Nominet.  They are no longer done via the surrender form on the back of Domain Name Certificate. 
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