Purchasing an aftermarket premium domain

Aftermarket premium domains are in-demand, highly valuable domains that are already registered by someone. The current owners set the prices on these domains, and they are listed for sale through our aftermarket partners. Once the purchase is complete, the premium domain's ownership is changed to the new registrant, and the domains are treated as a standard domain.

Most premium domains fall into the aftermarket category.

How does the buying and selling process work?

OpenSRS resellers can provide their customers with the option to list their domain in the Sedo or Afternic portal and sell the domain through these providers. Having the domains listed through Sedo or Afternic on their behalf streamlines the process for the customer by allowing the transaction to be automatically processed once a buyer comes along. The reseller can determine the price of this service. 

When a customer searches for a domain that is listed as an aftermarket premium, the search results will display the price as listed by Sedo or Afternic.

Note: This set price is non-negotiable.


Afternic is a domain market place for existing domains. Domain owners can list domains for sale through their website.

Once the domain name is added, Afternic platform will show domain name along with the required price on their platform.


Note: When the domain sells, it will then be transferred to the new owner immediately.

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Sedo has a broad network, and once Sedo domain listings show up for sale, it is exposed to entire SedoMLS Promotion Network. Domains will get maximum exposure through their 650 global sales and registrar partners.

Once the domain registration is complete, you can see the premium domain names along with their price from the Sedo platform.


Note: When a domain sells from the Sedo platform, the registrant of the domain will receive a payment within one business day. The transfer is automatic and does not require the involvement of the registrant.

How to purchase an aftermarket premium domain

When looking up a domain that is listed as an aftermarket premium, the search results in the Reseller Control Panel or the Reseller Web interface will display the price as listed by Sedo or Afternic.

Reseller Control Panel (RCP)

The Domains section of the Reseller Control Panel allows you to check the availability of a premium domain name, and if the name is available, will enable you to register that name with the listed price in the Sedo or Afternic platform.



Some of the search results will include premium Domain names that are available for negotiation. To purchase these domains, you can click Make offer to begin the negotiation process. When you choose this option, you are taken to the supplier's website, and the rest of the purchase process is done through Sedo or Afternic. As the buyer, you make an offer which the seller can choose to accept or reject, or they can make a counteroffer.

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Reseller Web Interface (RWI)

The New Domain Lookup textbox in the RWI allows you to check the availability of a domain name and request suggestions for similar, available names. This search selection can be widened to show the premium domain names by selecting the below options. 

  • Display Premium Domains
  • Display Premium Domains - Brokered Transfers
  • Display Premium Domains - Make Offer

When you perform a domain name lookup that includes Premium domains, the search results show whether the name you entered (or similar names) is available from a Non-OpenSRS supplier. For those Premium Domains that have a set price, the search results list indicates the purchase price.



Similar to Reseller Control Panel, If you include Premium Domains - Make Offer in your search criteria, the search results may also include Premium Domain names that are available from Sedo or Afternic that allows you to negotiate the price and the process will be completed through Sedo or Afternic.

Important: OpenSRS has no input or influence on the purchases made through Sedo or Afternic. Once the domain name is purchased, the buyer can transfer the domain anywhere they choose, whether that is to OpenSRS or another registrar. Resellers do not earn any commission from the purchase of these domains.


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