Epag to Ascio TLD migration

Our TLDs that are externally managed with Epag will be migrating to Ascio. Expired domains will not be moved over to Ascio. Domains within the grace period should reach out to OpenSRS support to redeem and migrate manually to avoid losing the domain.

We will be updating this article as well as the OpenSRS status page as each TLD come up for migration.

Note: All upcoming migrations that do not have a set date are marked as to be determined (TBD).

TLD Migration date Status
hm December 9th 2021 Completed
kg December 9th 2021 Completed
qa December 9th 2021 Completed (with special notes)
sr December 9th 2021 Completed
cd January 18th 2022 Completed
is January 18th 2022 Completed
lv January 18th 2022 Completed
com.lv January 18th 2022 Completed
to January 18th 2022 Completed
si January 18th 2022 Completed
ly January 20th 2022 Scheduled
com.ly January 20th 2022 Scheduled
md January 20th 2022 Scheduled
pt January 20th 2022 Scheduled
com.pt January 20th 2022 Scheduled
st January 20th 2022 Scheduled
tm January 25th 2022 Scheduled
com.ua January 25th 2022 Scheduled
com.uy January 25th 2022 Scheduled
com.ve January 25th 2022 Scheduled
co.ve January 25th 2022 Scheduled
af TBD  
cl TBD  
com.af TBD  
com.ar TBD  
com.br TBD  
net.af TBD  
org.af TBD  
ai TBD  
com.ai TBD  
berlin TBD  
cn TBD  
com.cn TBD  
net.cn TBD  
org.cn TBD  
cologne TBD  
cz TBD  
dk TBD  
ee TBD  
fi TBD  
gr TBD  
hu TBD  
com.gr TBD  
edu.gr TBD  
hamburg TBD  
hk TBD  
com.hr TBD  
ie TBD  
co.il TBD  
jobs TBD  
jp TBD  
koeln TBD  
kr TBD  
co.kr TBD  
lt TBD  
ma TBD  
co.ma TBD  
my TBD  
com.my TBD  
no TBD  
ro TBD  
com.ro TBD  
ru TBD  
com.ru TBD  
ruhr TBD  
sg TBD  
so TBD  
sx TBD  
tirol TBD  
tn TBD  
travel TBD  
com.tw TBD  
tw TBD  
idv.tw TBD  
wien TBD  


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