Why is Firefox support being dropped...?

Just tried to login to the manage.opensrs.com interface with Firefox, and got a surprising notice that the browser is no longer supported? Seriously?!?!? What's that about? I could see valid reasons for dropping support for old versions of Firefox, and/or other browsers that are no longer maintained or supported by their vendors... but this is on a fully updated install of the latest version of Firefox Developer Edition.

And this is on top of other recent regressions in the manage.opensrs.com interface - E.g. the page for adding funds had already been failing to work in Firefox for a good 2-3 months now. I normally wouldn't presume to tell someone how to do their job, but I do web development as well - for a company with probably orders of magnitude fewer resources than OpenSRS, and yet we don't have any problems supporting Firefox, so I'd be very interested in knowing why you're incapable of/unwilling to support it. ESPECIALLY when, so long as you're following modern web dev best-practices, you shouldn't NEED to do any extra work to support specific browsers; not to put fine a point on it, but if your front-end developers are competent and have done their jobs properly, then the interface should ALREADY work in Firefox.

C'mon, guys. The last time I encountered a "Only works in such-and-such browser" notice, it was LITERALLY back in the days when Tucows was still primarily a shareware download & Netscape. It's not like you're ActiveX controls or something. Seriously, it's 2023, there's no good excuse for that anymore, and hasn't been for at least 10-15 years now.

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