Hi everyone,

Due to a migration from one OpenSRS Resellers account to another (NEW) one, i encountered, what i consider a BIG ISSUE in the Storefront:

Through the Storefront front end, it is possible to CREATE AN ACCOUNT WITHOUT DOEING ANY DOMAIN PURCHASE/TRANSFER, so it is possible for someone to create numerous fake/empty accounts on someones Storefront. Now this would NOT BE A PROBLEM if the reseller had the ability to delete Storefront accounts (even better an account should only be created after a purchase was made!)

As a result of missing this option (deleting a Storefront account), at the time of this writing, I AM WAITING FOR ALMOST 4 DAYS to get some accounts deleted from my Storefront (while support told/promised me that it would not take more than a day)! Lets say that i am very very disappointed.

Even, after OpenSRS Support, informed me (on 2nd day) that my issue has been escalated, it seems to me that OpenSRS has NO EASY METHOD to delete the accounts!

I would advise OpenSRS to take a look at this issue, so that in the future these annoyances can be avoided!

I also would like to request OpenSRS to consider adding 2 extra options to the Storefront Manager:
1. Possibility to create accounts up front (for those Storefront customers who need help!)
2. Delete/Remove accounts

I would appreciate any comments about the above!

Kind regards
Charles F. Wolff Schoemaker

PS: OpenSRS because of the above issue, my projects are experiencing major delays!!! And unable to expand my business!!!


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